Myanmar Travel Cost

Burma travel expenses

Bagan and Myanmar beach resorts transport ranges from horse-drawn carriages to bicycles. It's also worth asking the hotel how much a taxi costs so you don't get ripped off. It is the best option if you are already travelling and not near a Myanmar embassy, but it is only available if you are arriving by plane. What is the cost of a trip to Bagan? An accurate breakdown of travel expenses in Myanmar, including accommodation, transport, accommodation, meals and activities.

Burma Trip expenses and prices: What does it pay to stay in Myanmar?

Burma has a reputable name as a very high-priced tourist resort. and tracked exactly what we were spending. In Myanmar, of course, you can lose a great deal of cash if you spend the night in luxurious accommodation, get driven by a chauffeur and have nothing but West European meals.

We' re passionate about travelling and photographing. In our Travelling Blogs we give you useful travelling hints and handy hints for you. However, you can cross Myanmar with a shoelace just as well as a backpack tourist. Getting around by bus is inexpensive, as is eating in a restaurant, and basic lodging does not require an extra pair of arms or legs.

This article shows how high our travelling costs really were for Myanmar. You will also find out everything you need to know about making funds in Myanmar. Pay in Myanmar: Kyoto or Dollar? In Myanmar, it was a very complex matter. Until a few years ago there were no ATM machines in the land and you had to take a giant pile of US dollar in hardcopy.

Luckily, things have been changing since then, so there's no reason to be sleeping about it. It is denominated in Kyoto (pronounced'chut'). Calculating the brain transformation ratio is not that easy, because 1,000 kyats are about 70 eurocents or so. During your stay in Myanmar you will probably come across the following bills: 50k yat, 100k yat, 200k yat, 500k yat, 1,000k yat and 5,000k yat.

Recently, 10,000 Kyoto banknotes were also launched, which are now issued by most cash dispensers. We have never had a 10,000 kyats in our hand because they have only recently become so widely used. They' re so worthless, you probably won't see them again. Their biggest joint 5,000-k yat bill division is valued at only about 3.50 euro.

Get used to the notion of always carrying a large bundle of money. If, for your own protection, you are uncomfortable, we suggest that you buy this travelling bag, which you can simply attach to the back of your cuff. US dollar was indispensable for the longest period of travelling to Myanmar.

Hospitality receipts or internal air fares are still denominated in US dollar, but they can almost always be paid in Kyoto these days. Well, of course, it still doesn't do any harm to have a few bucks around just in case. Euro are less widespread. However, you can still change Euro at any of the banks and many of the participating establishments.

There is a tightly knit ATM system in Myanmar today. Irritatingly, the payouts are capped at 300,000 cyats each. Remember, that's 60 bucks every 5,000 kyats! However, it is no trouble to withdraw funds several to one. Disadvantage is that you always receive a payout fee.

There is a 5,000 kilo per withdrawals from ATMs, some even 6,500 kilo. We recommend that we always take the two types of payment method with us on our travels, with which we can make free withdrawals. In Myanmar, payment by bank transfer is becoming more and more frequent. Your payment can be made with your debit and/or debitcard at a travel agency or a good restaurant.

This is all the general information we have on Myanmar now. What is the cost of a trip to Myanmar without a travel plan and what can you anticipate when you get there? We' been in Myanmar for 33 whole orphanages. However, we have charged the cost for a period of 28 or four week to give you a better understanding of how much it will cost to remain in Myanmar for 2, 3 or 4 week.

You and I always have the following costs: We' ve been spending about 2,000 Euro for four wards. When you use our travel budgets for a two-week journey, it should be around 1,000 Euro, or 1,500 Euro for 3 weekly - and don't lose sight of that, it's for two souls. Can' t really call that an overpriced target, can you?

660 Dollar for our ballooning over Bagan and 400 Euro for the flight from Mrauk U to Bagan with a privater. In order to make our expenses even more clearly defined, we will continue to itemize them. For this we had to pay an annual fee of 36 Euro per overnight.

However, since October is not a high tourist seasons, you should bear in mind that in the high seasons from November to February the price of hotels can be slightly higher. However, these figures should give a general idea of the approximate costs of housing. When you want to pay less and are happy with less convenience, then you can get a cheap room in a hostal or hotels from about 20 Euro.

When you are traveling to Myanmar, please start by reading our article on accommodation in Myanmar. However, since we have an average of 20,000 kyats (14 euros) per person per working days and are naturally a little rotten, we eventually ceased to count. Here is a brief summary of the usual rates for eating and drinking in Myanmar:

The following entrance charges have been made in Myanmar (prices per person): That' s almost 50 Euro per capita. Usually we would have had to prepay an entrance tax of 10.000 kyats (7 Euro) per visitor for our visits to Amarapura and Inwa. A number of rides also require a photographic licence, but the 200-300k yat charges do not make much different from the overall cost.

It' not too costly and it's definitely worth it, at least now and then. Afterwards we went on the following trips in Myanmar: Transporting from one city to another in Myanmar is not particularly costly. We' ve tried almost all means of transport on our journey (bus, rail, ship, plane, cab ), so we had a fairly good understanding of how much it is costing.

From Sittwe to Mrauk U: 65.000 kyats (45 Euro) for two persons. and divided the price by four. From Mrauk U to Bagan: 350 Euro for two persons. In Myanmar, coach fares are cheaper. Journey time for this coach is only about 2 Euro more than for a regular one.

You will seldom be charged more than 20,000 kyats (14 euros) per tour on the traditional Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Bagan itineraries. Coaches definitely have the best value for money in Myanmar. Rail fares are even lower than coach fares, but we suggest that only the most daring adventurer take the ride.

This two hours ride costs 1,000 kyats (0.70 euros) per passenger in first grade (upper class). Homeward bound is the quickest way from A to B in Myanmar. We' re booking a Yangon to Sittwe home and paying $115 per passenger. According to the itinerary, the price is always around $100 (+/- $30), regardless of whether you make your booking well in advance oder one full working days before the departure.

Taxis in Yangon cost between 2,000 kyats within the town and 7,000 kyats from the town to the nearest airports or coaches. You can hire a motorbike in many parts of Myanmar and discover the area on your own. In Myanmar, too, natural-gas is inexpensive and cost less than 50 Cent per litre.

In Myanmar, personal driving is relatively costly. We' ve payed 350 Euro from Mrauk U to Bagan, but not many riders drive this distance, so we payed a bonus. It' not just the cost of petrol and the rider you have to cover. It is also very costly and it should not be forgotten that the touristic period is only about 5 month.

The driver must make the largest part of their annual salary and must repay the vehicle within this brief period of the year. The cost is usually around 150 to 200 Euro per person per day. An Emirates service with a stop in Dubai is the least expensive way to get from Europe to Myanmar.

Dependent upon seasons and reservation periods it will cost between 500 and 1,000 Euro per se. The cost of other Myanmar services is similar to the cost of services to other parts of the world. Apart from the Emirates service, there are not many ways to get to Myanmar quickly and cheaply.

From Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur to Yangon on Air Asia starts at only 30 Euro. Burma is definitely not an overpriced target. Both of us managed with a daily total of 70 Euro without having to make any cuts. If you really wanted to, you could go through Myanmar for half the cost.

From now on, exorbitant travelling allowances are no longer an apology for not visiting Myanmar. How have you experienced travelling in Myanmar? You thought it was an expensively priced land?

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