Myanmar Travel Cost

Burma travel expenses

I' ve just returned from a trip to Myanmar in June. All in all, the travel costs are not so high. That depends, of course, on what type of traveller you are. Application for a short stay Schengen visa in Myanmar. What does a visa cost?


All our stay in Myanmar we were sure that we would spend a lot of cash..... This is due to the many Kyats (chat) to the US dollars. Here is a summary of our travel expenses for Myanmar. Burma was our cheesiest land yet. When we arrived in the land, our personal cost was $60.42 on the street after 497 outings.

While we were traveling in Myanmar and Southeast Asia, there were very few on-line bookings for busses, trams and ferry - the people of Easybook have now fixed this - checking schedules and reserving airline seats on-line - it's simpler! And while I convert all my expenses here to US dollars and British pounds, it is no longer necessary to bring flawless US dollars to Myanmar - click here!

An excursion in an air-conditioned vehicle around the Mandalay attractions costs 35,000 kyats (US$27.26, GBP 18.04). For a second ride and a 0500 launch to the legged beach for dawn it was 18,000 kyats (US$14.02, GBP 9.28). Four out of Mandalay we went northbound, by rail to Hsipaw - over the Gokteik-Viadukt.

Our journey costs us 3.950 kyats (US$3. 08, GBP2. 04) for our luxurys. Not taking the bus back to Mandalay, we took a mini-van. Then we took the US$42 (GBP27. 80) - the price for this journey is given by the supplier in US dollars.... boats to Bagan on the Ayerwaddy.

The price of our Bagan region maps is 27.000 kyats (although you can buy them in dollar if it is.... US$20). Thirty thousand per hour we hired Kyoto (US$3. 90, GBP2. 58) electrical bicycles to get around (oh so valuable it). It was the best period to drive the temple and couples in the period after dawn.

Bicycles were hired without gear and brake for the whole afternoon and we tried Burma wines for 3,000 kyats (US$2.34, GBP1.55). One of the highpoints of my stay in Myanmar is a long cruise on a long canoe. From ShweNyaung to Thazi for 2.950 kyats (US$2,30) the slowly moving railway to Thaiitook brought us back to the upper class.

After an hour waiting at this small railway stop we took another bus to Naypyidaw, the country capitol. We were on a 40.000k yat (US$31. 15, GBP20. 62) half daytrip. There is a great square and a railway with free Wi-Fi. We then boarded another bus to the old city of Yangon (Rangoon).

And then we took our last move to Mawlamyine (my mind thanks me for being the last one). There, we had our lowest price Myanmar beers for 1700 cp a large container (US$1. 32, GBP0.88). We took a 1,000 kilo shuttle service from Mawlamyine (US$0.78, GBP0.52) and then a 2000 kilo motorcycle taxicab (US$1.56, GBP1.03) to the end of the route.

Fittingly, this was the end of the line and our season for us in Myanmar. We had an overnight stay of 24,54 US$ (16,23 GBP). The only thing that stayed was a 15,000k yat (US$11. 68, GBP7. 73) divided cab to the Myawaddy frontier. We spent 19 consecutive night and 20 day in Myanmar at a price of US$35.75 (GBP23.66).

Though I can't imagine a poor night, I can think of some "interesting" rail rides. Don't miss to reserve your busses, ferry boats and coaches - and to validate your trip.

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