Myanmar Travel Cost

Burma travel expenses

Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon is the largest city and economic center of the nation of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. I was also dropped off at no extra cost at my hotel in Bagan. It'?s important: How high are the travelling expenses in Myanmar?

Burma is an emerging target in South East Asia. Burma has unbelievably welcoming communities, a diverse culture and breathtaking sights: from tens of thousand stupas in Bagan to the Shan Hills village of minorities. When Grietje paid a two-week visit to Myanmar in Feb 2014, she recorded all her spend. Have a look at their Myanmar trip cost summary and advice!

Genuine travellers, genuine expenditures. These are per capita and per workday. Inclusive of all trips, internal flight, souvenir, accommodation, meals, beverages, entrance fee, gratuities etc. Without intercontinental services. example of the price in myanmar: these are per capita unless otherwise indicated. Accommodation in Grietje: 5,11 Euros (7 USD) - Perfect!

Tampai- Phyu Hotel, Mandalay: 9,8 Euros (12 USD) - Not recommended, Win Guesthouse, Shwebo: 7,3 Euros (10 USD) - beds and rooms are good. Shwwe Taung Tarn, Monywa: 13.2 euros (18 USD) - Pleasant personnel and beautiful rooms. may Kha La Guesthouse: 14.6 euros (20 USD) - Clear and OK rooms. Mai Guesthouse: 14.6 euros (20 USD) - Favorit.

CERTAIN DISTRIBUTIONS certain distributions on this trip: final destinations and itinerary: period: Burma in February 2014 for 16 countries. Exchangerate at the moment of the trip: 1 US dollar is 982 kyat. Cheap accomodation hints for Myanmar from Grietje! Myanmar is an extremely pricey place to live, as already stated. A few hints to reduce the price of the night: 1.

All ( (especially hotels) will be (a little) less expensive there. As Myanmar became more open to the tourist, many new properties opened their gates. Sometimes these new properties are less expensive than the lonesome planets' favourites. You can find these properties on the web. NOTICE: Myanmar has a very, very fast network.

Watch the web for the latest information! There are not many dormitories in Myanmar, but asking for a room is the best way to end up in a twin room. Get a dependable companion (on the bus?) and safe money. Different budgeting tips:

  • Myanmar is a very high-priced city. Please watch Grietje, the author of this post on YouTube!

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