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Burma travel book

Damsel Myanmar journey guide in Myanmar - Myanmar Forum Me and my family have just come back from a 9-week journey to Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia. Here is the Myanmar Damsel reviewer, which I publish on the same day on Fodors: Then there was Myanmar Damsel Travels and Tours and his General Manager, Nwe Nwe Khine, who are all alone in one group. 66-68 San Yeik Nyein Street, Suite No. IV, Building B, Kamaryut Township, Yangon, Myanmar). I' d already done a great deal of research about Myanmar, but I still had many further queries, and so I started to fill in the gaps with long e-mails to Nwe Nwe.

- From Bangkok we went to Yangon and stayed there for 2-1/2 day; - Then we went to Mandalay, where we explored the surrounding areas for four whole orchestras.

  • Then we drove by road to Bagan (stopover to see the remains of A Myint and Pa Khan Gyi) and by personal ferry (a 2 1/2 hours drive on the Irrawaddy River, which ends overlooking the river bank pagodas); - Then we stayed four nights in Bagan (one of the nights being a ferry trip to Salay);
  • After a short stop at Mondai Village, Meiktila and Kalaw we went to Inle Lake; - We stayed four nights at Inle Lake (with a three of the week long cruise on board our own boat - don't miss Sankar - and a detour to Kakku on the 4th day); - From Inle Lake we took a return to Yangon, where we stayed another one and a half nights (including a full working excursion to Bago and a half a full working session ) before we took our take off to Singapore.

We have arranged the whole journey for us, incl. personal van, guide and rider, the in-house flight, our personal boat, the Bagan ballooning (not to be missed) and even a show at the puppet theatre in Mandalay. Not only did everything go smoothly (a truly astonishing performance in Myanmar), we also had some of the best chauffeurs and undoubtedly the best rider we've ever had on all our journeys abroad.

The " best leader " became available in Bagan (Sai) at the last moment, so Nwe Nwe moved in and he was awesome. Then there was Tim, our rider from the Mandalay landing to our arrival at Inle Lake, who couldn't do enough to make our journey unforgettable, who was helping my woman in and out of the truck and up and down the banks of the river, who put her pillow behind her face, and who became like a child to us.

When we first came to Yangon International for the first flight, Nwe Nwe came in person to see us, as if everything she did for us wasn't enough. Then on the penultimate of the voyage, she went to Yangon with us for groceries. Our tour leader was with us both ways, but Nwe Nwe Nwe took the opportunity to personalise the journey for us and make sure she herself added unforgettable memories.

It turned out that I had erroneously acquired a picture-filled Bagan Pagoda Couchtischbuch, which was all in French (for some strange reasons I had retired and thought I had acquired the British version), and I hadn't noticed it until I arrived in Singapore. I sent Nwe Nwe an e-mail to see if the same volume was available in German, and she just got the volume and sent it to us in the States, all at her own expense!

In a nutshell, Nwe Nwe became not only our travel agent of choice, but also a great companion; and if we ever get the chance to return to Myanmar, it will only be with Nwe Nwe's help. Thanks, Nwe Nwe for a marvelous journey!"

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