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Octobers travel - booking your flight and hotel in advanced? Hello, visit to Myanmar for about 10-12 working nights in the first half of October. Octobers travel - booking your flight and hotel in advanced? It' s mid seasons so you don't have to make your reservation well in advance so do it when you arrive, maybe 48/72hrs before.

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Burma City Tour Guide: Myanmar best and cheap itineraries

This is your definitive Myanmar tour book with some of the best places in Myanmar - and a itinerary you can take in just sixteen working nights - or you can take your own leisure and do it over twenty-six working nights, as I have done. Myanmar, or Burma as it is also called, has been at the top of my shortlist of lands I wanted to go to since my childhood and since I learned that my grandpa fought in the jungles during the Great Depression.

I am very happy that Burma has met all my hopes and I am already making a plan for a repatriation. While I like to move very slow, absorb the ambience of a place and connect with the locals so I didn't have quite as much soil under my feet as I had initially been hoping on this journey to Burma, that's not a big deal, because it gives me the ideal pretext to go back and discover the less touristy southern part of the state.

But before I present you with perhaps the most complete Myanmar tour book, and especially one for backpacker tourists or travelers with a reasonable price, let us clarify a few facts. Myanmar or Burma? Everyone I talked to in Myanmar said to me that it was not really important whether I named it Burma or Myanmar.......but they all chose to call their own land Myanmar.

One of the main causes is that the name Myanmar is a reflection of the variety of its people. Myanmar is much more than just the Burmese. While there are 136 different ethnical groups and although there are different grounds why many nations around the globe do not recognize the change of name, for me, if every individual I have spoken to chose Myanmar, who am I to interview them?

Burma emerges from years of armed conflict and is developing into a democratic state. A number of these disputes go back many years, and unfortunately it seems to be hard for human beings to escape from this series. There' s no question that there is a great crises, some say that there is holocaust that continues in the Rohingya state of the West, and there are other areas that are completely inaccessible to aliens or that are strictly under control (I will discuss the backgrounds of the various conflict and the story in another post), but there can be no question that the Myanmar population itself has the complete joy that aliens are at last permitted to enter their land, and I have forfeited the number of self-selers that I have drawn attention to the visitor and almost everyone is inquisitive.

I may be mistaken in the distant past, but when I was in Burma I never felt insecure or unaided. Myanmar's inhabitants are really inquisitive, kind and sincere and have a fresh naiveté. A lot of folks are speaking English and I'm quite sure that if I left my purse on a desk or my cell in the back of a cab, the vast majority of folks would do their best to give it back to me.

Myanmar's ideal guidebook. Commence your journey in Yangon. My journey began with a plane to Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, but if the airtime and fares are better and/or less expensive, you can begin this Mandalay itinerary. Starting in Mandalay, take my itinerary and drive northwest to Hsipaw and then, after taking the Pwin Oo Lwin rail, finish the rest of the itinerary the other way round (Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon).

You can' t help but stimulating all your desires, and it is a great way to learn about Myanmar's many-sidedness. It' probably the most messy place you'll find in Myanmar, so if you can handle Yangon, you can handle anything! I would suggest you start walking around the area according to your flight times from the airfield; maybe try some of the road meal and look at the dilapidated farmhouses.

The Yangon is also your chance to take with you everything you may have missed, with its modern centres and old-fashioned overnight market. No matter what you do, don't miss the chance to discover the Shwedagon Pagoda, and for a added benefit, it' good to finish your trip at sundown when its gold cupolas dazzle the candles.

You can take a look into the back yards of the locals from the station and see how the salesmen sell pasta and sweets on the boat, while the travellers have to take their seat at the various bus and tram-stations. You can also enjoy half a full year in Yangon by walking around the large Kan Daw Gyi Lake with its recreated castle, which hosts a restaurante.

Traveling as slow as I am, you can take a walk around town and see even more of the gemstones you' re hiding, or you can just chill out with a Myanmar feet rub that will prepare you for the remainder of your Myanmar-journey. One of Myanmar's most delicious cuisines was Myanmar's tealeaf lettuce, and I was very fortunate to be dining in a non-profit organization that is helping deprived individuals to get a foothold in Yangon's gastronomy - the LinkAge Training Restuuran.

If it' your turn to move on, you can take the overnight coach to Inle Lake. Alternatively, you can try Myanmar local dishes at your daily breakfasts - the costs are part of your holiday. Click on this links for current rates and to make your reservation.

I hope you get some rest in the overnight coach to Inle Lake. Streets can be extreme bouncing and walking mostly sluggish, however all the overnight busses I took were skilfully ridden and were quite comfy with adjustable seating, waters, toilet locks and a cover to counter the violent breeze.

If you need a break today after your nightly coach trip, or if you feel light and airy, you can cycle through the small village of Nyaungshwe. This may sound a little kitschy, but this was actually one of the high points of Inle Lake.

Contrary to the orchestra fishers on the pond at daybreak, we passed quietly by here true family-life. Shampooing clothing, body, hair and crockery in the water and caring for their produce on their artificially planted vegetable fields was amazing to see how this fellowship does its work.

Get your early bird for an early launch and get up before sunup for a boating trip on Inle lake. Breakfasts are usually organized in a local or on board, but you can also go out later in the morning if you don't care about the sundown.

You will see the famous fisherman paddling with one foot and you will undoubtedly have the chance to see a Lotos textile center, a silver smith, woodcarvers and a small village fair and many other small touristic centres. After your stay here at Inle Lake, I suggest you take another overnight coach - this trip to Bagan.

I' ve lived in the Song of Travel Youth Hostel, where all the employees were very kind and supportive, and like The Little Monkey in Yangon, the bunks are convenient, self-contained sleeves - click here for current rates and to make a reservation for your sojourn in the Song of Travel. Early take-off at dusk is a must when in Bagan: go in the darkness in search of a good place to observe the sunrise and the warm aerials above the plains; or take your own hot-air aerial tour for a bird's perspective.

You want to get out of Bagan, take a field day to Mount Popa. I and my mates were almost in a state of shock as we went down at sundown, mainly because there are men placed with strategic slings to drive the apes away when they get too near or too angry - which in my textbook says that they are not friendly apes, although the journey was really cheap, which I was paying the small fare.

Accommodation in Bagan. If it' s your turn to continue from Bagan, take a daily coach so you can see some of the scenery around on your trip to Mandalay. One can summarize everything in Mandalay in a few long working hours if one is pressed for a while.

In good afternoons, take a cab to Mandalay Hill or U Bein Tree Wood Bridges. When you want to get the most out of Mandalay in one go, begin your exploration of the castle. Prior to exiting the Palacio, ascend the top of the steeple to enjoy the view over the terrain and then head to Shwe Nan Daw Monastery and Kuthodaw Pagoda, which contains the largest pagoda on earth, both located near the Palacio.

Leave the highway and go to both and you will see how the ordinary Mandalay lifestyle continues in the green roads - with pasta that dries in the hot air and vendors preparing lunches in their wok. While artisans use old utensils to slice and buff, the merchants buy and sell precious stones and bargain for coffees, the merchants feel like a journey back in history.

Continue to the center of honeysuckle with a tour of the center of honeysuckle production, where you can see how this old handicraft goes on and how the honeysuckle is cut by crafts. For more information about the Royal Family's past and how they were exiled, click here to order your copy of The Glass Castle by Amitav Ghosh.

You can see and do many things around Mandalay if you have more to do. Through your lodge you can take a full days trip to some of the historical places and the old towns surrounding Mandalay, such as Sagain and Inwa, or you can bargain with a cabbie and do it yourself.

But if you haven't seen the U Bein-Teakbrücke yet, it's definitely a good idea to come and see it - but as soon as I got there, the sky opened up! When I was in Mandalay, I decided to return to the Ostello Bello family. Similar to the Bagan Sisterhotel, I was able to meet other travelers in this large youth hostel and participate in some of their organized and inexpensive itineraries.

If you are in Myanmar, you are not allowed to remain everywhere, so one of the reservation pages will show you the available choices - click here for the Mandalay accommodations. Use a common vehicle for the fastest and most interesting trip to Hsipaw and also for the possibility to see Myanmar.

Your vehicle takes you up the hills and across to the enchanting city of Hsipaw on a breathtaking street, far faster than the coach, as it overtakes and does EVERYTHING wherever possible! Take this trip during the afternoon for the view and marvel at the lines of the trucks fighting for the hairpin turns.

Hsipaw's chauffeur introduced himself as a motorcyclist, but apart from the fact that he drove a right-hand driven vehicle on the right side of the street and every single moment he tried to pass me he gasped, he was a really capable chauffeur and I was enjoying the four-hour of adrenalin.

Burma changed from left-hand traffic to the right-hand side of the street in 1970, but many of the vehicles (and the traffic signs) have not yet caught up. Often right-hand driven vehicles are less expensive in Burma, so there are still many of them - the disadvantage is that the riders have huge blank patches, which makes it a little of a quiz.

In Hsipaw, the climate is usually a little chillier and more pleasant than anything you've seen before, and this small city is quickly becoming a favorite trekingground. If you get there in good timing, I suggest you go to Shan Palace, where you have the opportunity to see a true Shan princess and talk to her and find out a little about Myanmar's heroes.

You can order the backdrop to this tale by clicking here to order'Twilight over Burma: my live as a Shan Princess'. When you want to make a walk, you must walk with a leader, as it is currently not allowed to go too far into the surroundings.

All the food is prepared in the traditional way - in my case over an open fire in the centre of the room - and you have the opportunity to get in touch with the host. I ended my hike by visiting the non-touristic hotsprings, where I took a bath with the curious natives, who liked to splash me with the warm waters, but many hikes ended with a bath to a well.

Alternatively, if walking is not your thing, you can book a motorcycle trip - please feel free to get in touch with me for the name of a great Hsipaw guidebay. You are allowed to cycle through the city and the immediate surroundings of Hsipaw, where you can go to see Little Bagan or go for a walk in the old dust covered teeny box.

It is worth a separate listing. From Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin take the legendary rail trip and pass the breathtaking Goteik viaduct. Of course it is possible to take the rail to Mandalay, but it is better to interrupt the trip in Pyin Oo Lwin and spend a nights or two or even go jumping in a common vehicle to plunge down the hills.

From Mandalay you will have a very early departure to make the journey in my sense, i.e. from Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin. Once you have settled into your hotel/hotel, rent a bike (if you are staying at Orchid Nan Myaning, you will be provided with bicycles) and set off for the local nightspot where you can buy your evening meal on the way.

Honestly, I haven't seen a foreigner increase in Myanmar, which is also a welcome diversion. Dependent on how much free travel you have on your journey to Burma, you can go by bicycle (or by taxi) to the vast Botanical Gardens and/or take a taxicab to one of the two falls in the area.

In order to end your journey, take a long overnight coach back to Yangon or take a common vehicle (or take the rail) to Mandalay. Please be aware that the above itinerary around Burma may vary according to conditions, politics or other factors beyond your reasonable discretion.

I like to enjoy eating indigenous foods and using indigenous tourist coaches. While in Myanmar, there was not a single night when I was alone or alone. I' m going to visit Burma again in the first half of 2018, so if you want to come with me, write me a messege.

Hostelling together - the goal of the journey is to bring you closer to Myanmar and the concepts of backpacker tourism and touring on a reasonable price. After many inquiries and e-mails, I sometimes give my reader the chance to come with me, according to where I am in the whole wide globe and my customers, whom I serve as a consultant in my lifestyle consulting work.

If you want to boost your self-confidence or if you have problems with fear, traveling with me will also give you an idea of how I change my attitude and how I have learned to believe in myself again - more on this here - The Smash the Pumpkin Project).

Click here for your Myanmar itinerary::

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