Myanmar Travel Blog 2016

Burma Travel Blog 2016

From December 1, 2016 Singaporeans can enter Myanmar without a visa for up to 30 days! The article is based on a trip in August 2016. Abenteuer Reisen Blog | Solo Reisen Blog. You can stalk him on his photo blog or follow him on his Instagram account! Originally this article was published here on July 14, 2016.

Burma 2016 - Kevin's Travel Blog

This is why I went there, overview of expenses, favourite photos, and what it's like to carry a rucksack in one of the favourite places I've ever been to. Googling through Myanmar you will see many photos of Bagan and its 2,200 shrines and cloisters. The Irrawaddy River to Bagan, the magic place with 2,000 coupons.

We continued in Myanmar from north to south, we made the mandatory stop in this former capitol, where we reached by cab from Pyin Oo Lwin.

Yangon and first impressions of Myanmar

Coming from Taipei we stayed in the midnight in Kuala Lumpur in Myanmar. You verified my paper e-visa, but did not verify my payment or travel itinerary as described by other travellers. Once we had chosen my rucksack, we exchanged 200 US dollars in the country's own money, which was about 250,000 Kyat (pronounced'jats').

Then we took a 10,000 Kyaat 1-hour cab trip to the guest house. When I looked out the windows, I realized things were more contemporary than I had expected before I arrived. It is a land that still doesn't have McDonald's or Starbucks (I say that in a good way), but I saw a few advanced vehicles on relatively neat roads on the way to town.

Meals were 1200 to 2400 Kiat (1 to 2 USD), a middle tank of 400 Kiat (about 0.30 USD) and a 3-hour trip on the Yangon Circular Railway 300 Kiat (about 0.25 USD). It is the biggest of the pagodas.

Myanmar has seen a significant increase in tourist numbers over the last ten years since we saw many people there. The 3-hour trip on the Yangon Circular Railway was definitely my favourite thing in Yangon. From Yangon railway yard we got on the "air-conditioned" railway and drove through the town, through the farmland on the edge of the town.

And it was also very interesting to see the locomotive crew showing Myanmar's great ethnical variety. I' ve seen some interesting things in Yangon: Yangon's downtown is really poor and although there is a great deal going on, it doesn't really touch overpowering. Once we got used to the new land, we were prepared to take a overnight coach to Kalaw, from where we would take a 3-day walk to Inle Lake.

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