Myanmar Travel Blog 2015

Burma Travel Blog 2015

I' ve had a great holiday in Myanmar and have put together some of my suggestions and experiences in the blog: Now is the perfect time to go? by Sam Clark July 14, 2015 1 comment. You' ve got to visit Myanmar before it changes. Now is my third guest blog post of 2015, written by Brian M. Explore Myanmar (Burma) holiday and discover the best time and places to visit.

Myanmar has not won with famous neighbours such as Thailand, India and China and a long history of separation from the rest of the world.

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What's new in Myanmar?

Myanmar* was started in 2011 after Aung San Sui Kyi and the NLD decided to advise the removal of the ban on international trips. Of course, we were not the only tour operator to make this choice, and Myanmar has seen amazing growth in tourist activity since then. My intention was to talk a little about how the trip to Myanmar has evolved and what is new and interesting there.

An unparalleled influx of travelers who wanted to travel to Myanmar and a corresponding shortage of proper accommodation. Since then, several award-winning establishments have been opened, offering travelers many more opportunities. It' not a roll fighting anymore to get the best rooms, and the hotel has begun to take their client services seriously.

Not just hotels: At ETG we work with our regional partner to develop and enhance the capabilities of our guide on site. Myanmar has a long tradition of adhering closely to the major routes - Mandalay, Lake Inle, Yangon and Bagan. We have had some new experience during our Myanmar holiday that takes full benefit of this fact.

Whether it's walking in the town, diving into nature or dining in a restaurant, our vacations usually blend the best characters and the best boutiques with adventures that will take you off the beaten track - yet still give you the opportunity to see the most important sights. Of course, there are many new properties that have been opened since 2011.

Some of them have given a little more class and elegance to Myanmar properties such as Bagan Lodge and Loft in Yangon. However, when you plan a trip to Myanmar, don't ignore the general logistic and availability. There is a constant improvement in the effectiveness and dependability of the company's air traffic system, which makes it much simpler to fly internally.

Therefore journeys to places like Putao in the far northeast and Myeik Archipelago in the far southeast are now more convenient. Myanmar and the Myeik Archipelago are a good example. A further possibility, which is now easy to access due to the lifting of Visa limitations, is the long-distance trip from Chiang Rai in Thailand to Myanmar via Keng Tung.

Check out our Thailand to Burma Overland Holidays. It is a great all in all experience to be in Myanmar. On our website we still call Myanmar'Burma'. This is solely because the vast bulk of Google searching in the UK is still looking for'Burma' and not'Myanmar', and I believe that the British government is still using Burma formally.

Generally we refer to the land with its legal name - Myanmar. Only in Great Britain and the USA Burma is still used. I think in part because Burma has romanticized connections in the UK arts, with "Road to Mandalay", "Burmese Days" and the colonization in general, but also because the name shift in Myanmar is associated with the army system.

Nevertheless, people who speak English describe the land as" Myanmar" and for this it makes good business for us to do the same. is one of the founder members of Experience Travels. Norman Lewis' travelogues, coupled with the unfortunate fact that he went the farthest to Scotland as a kid, first aroused his love of Asia.

He has made up for the loss of his life since his 19 years in Northern India and travels all over the globe, even a stay in Sri Lanka.

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