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University of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA), Yangon, Myanmar. Flights are quite expensive compared to the rest of ASEAN, according to local airlines and the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA). UniĆ³n of Myanmar Travel Association Company Research & Investment Information. Khaung Travels & Tours is one of the top competitors of the Union Of Myanmar Travel Association (Umta). See Union of Myanmar Travel Association location, income, industry and description.

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The Union of Myanmar Travellers Associations (UMTA) was founded under the auspices of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in 2002 and is the most important organization founded with the express aim of promoting Myanmar as a leading tourist location for travellers, tourist agents, promoters and companies.

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Cika Scare May Dent Outbound Tourist Surge: tour organisation

As a result of increasing international trips, the Zika viral infections in Thailand and Singapore could affect the numbers of travelers abroad, according to the Myanmar Tourism Association. "Myanmar's tourism is beginning to grow, but is still local. The viral alert in South East Asia will scare off travelers and hit young industries hard," said Myanmar Tourism Association Secretary General U Naung Naung Han.

Expatriates from Myanmar usually select Thailand and Singapore as destinations. But the viral fright could push some Myanmar travelers to Vietnam and Hong Kong, say tour operators. A number of tour operators hoped that the viral fright could be curbed before the start of the "high season". "The outward voyage is short in the present wet weather.

Fighting the Zika bug before the travel seasons could have no effect on the industry," said Daw Sabae Aung, executive director of Natural Dream Travel and Tours Company. The Myanmar embassy in Singapore reported that by September 1, more than 150 Zika-affected people had been found in Singapore, one of them being a Myanmar national.

Likewise, mothers-to-be became victims of Zika in San Sai County, Chiang Mai, Thailand, according to a press statement from the Consular Office of Myanmar in Chiang Mai. Myanmar's consular offices in these counties strongly discouraged travelers, especially expectant mothers, from coming to Thailand or Singapore. "I called on all expecting mothers to stay away from the lands affected by Zika.

A lot of people who travel abroad are already shunning it," said Daw Sabae Aung. Whereas Zika sufferers are not seriously at risk, serious childbirth errors and related gestational disorders can occur in expectant mothers. Also the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism issued a notice alerting travelers of the Zika outbreak.

"We at Minsitry have announced that the Ministry of Public Health has announced that it will take action against the Zika antivirus. We' ll work with tourist agencies to increase publicity by publishing Zika alerts for tourism companies and tourists," said U Myint Htwe, Director of the Department of Internal and External Relations and Information of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Myanmar is the most popular tourist destinations for foreigners to Myanmar, with Singapore and Vietnam in second and third places according to the Myanmar Travel Association.

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