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University of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA), Yangon, Myanmar. Flights are quite expensive compared to the rest of ASEAN, according to local airlines and the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA). UniĆ³n of Myanmar Travel Association Company Research & Investment Information. Khaung Travels & Tours is one of the top competitors of the Union Of Myanmar Travel Association (Umta). See Union of Myanmar Travel Association location, income, industry and description.

About the PATA - Pacific Asia Travel Association (through the public)

YANGON, November 4, 2017 - Myanmar Tourism Marketing is launching its fully revised online marketing programs during WTM 2017 in London, which they have been working on for many month. Our nationwide consumer website (www.myanmar. travel) contains information about travel destination, blog, festival and more. With a YouTube portal, a Facebook page, a Facebook page and a Facebook page that is very much alive, Myanmar is a place of excitement, entertainment, food and festivities and a place known for its welcoming and welcoming population.

Launching these new ways comes at a moment when the nation is in the limelight of the global press, and Myanmar TourismMarketing has used these ways to directly interact with the tourist industries and foreign and travelers. The Myanmar Tourist Marketing campaign began by focusing on supporting all internally displaced persons in northern Rakhine State and Bangladesh and using the FCO Travel Information Card to show that travel to Myanmar remains secure.

Use of the new messaging channel has also been made to help travelers with ethical misgivings understand that travel to Myanmar will continue to benefit individuals of all races of worship throughout the state. Myanmar is a vast, multicultural land that offers colorful celebrations, gorgeous sandy shores and breathtaking scenery for tourists," says May Myat Mon Win, Myanmar's Tourism Market Chairperson.

Failure to do so would be a great sacrifice to you as a tourist, but also a great sacrifice to the thousand who work in Myanmar's tourist industry and have nothing to do with the northern Rakhine state," she states. Burma Tourist Marketing has proactively encouraged travel writers and travel writers to come to the Philippines and exchange their experience.

UK-based travel author Andrew J. Wood recently wrote an essay entitled "Visiting Myanmar is the right thing to do", while instagrator Hayley Anderson a. k.a. "Myanmar TourismMarketing" invites bloggers, instagramers and other online savvy communicators to continue sharing their experience with @visit. Myanmar TourismMarketing is the right thing to do. #MyMyanmar.wwwww.facebook. com/myanmartm/ is used to exchange histories and interesting information about Myanmar's tourist industry and new films about Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and Mrauk U are shown on the YouTube portal is used for LastMinute News on Tourism, while the Instagram myanmar/ focuses on the most attractive images of this photographic world. In addition to all this, Myanmar Tourism Marketing is also working on redesigning its website www.tourismmyanmar. org, which will soon be relaunched and will focus more on the organization's and its members' efforts to help the organization and facilitate the launching of online and offline content delivery services.

Attend Myanmar Tourism Marketing at WTM 2017 in London and don't miss to take a look at yourself as Myanmar'Tumbling Kelly' named Pyit Taing Htaung, meaning:'Stand up straight after being shifted over' - if you look at Myanmar's story, this could be something many Myanmarers are used to.

The Myanmar Tourist Marketing (MTM) is aimed at promoting Myanmar as a vibrant tourist destinations that can be viewed all year round. As part of the Myanmar Tourist Federation, it is mainly financed by important members of the Myanmar tourist community. MTM is pleased to support the public and medias to publicize more about Myanmar's tourist activities.

Visitwwwww.myanmar. travel, www.tourismmyanmar. org and and you will find us at At the moment MTM organizes travel for books that are interested in the tourist site of Myanmar. If you are interested in a journey with the press, please contact us and let us know which perspective and which area you would like to work on.

If you have any inquiries or inquiries about this press release or upcoming press tours or TV and movie offers in Myanmar, please contact us:

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