Myanmar Travel and Tours Company List

Burma Travel and Tours Company List

" If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy agent in Myanmar. OUR PARTNER TOUR OPERATORS AND TRAVEL AGENCIES. One of Myanmar's best travel agencies, we offer package tours - day trips and tailor-made tours. For Myanmar tours, please visit our website. A LIST OF TRAVELS & TOURS IN MYANMAR.

Royal Kalaw Hills Resort is situated at the foot of Kalaw Hills.

Royal Calaw Hills Resort is situated at the foot of Calaw Hills. Easily accessible Kolonialbahnhof of Calaw, Shwe Oo Min Pagoda, Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp and pine forests at the mountain slope. Lovely staff will be arranging your memorable trek to the Shan Mountains around Calaw, Palung, Danu and Pao.

The Kalaw Hills Estate offers you the possibility of biking and information about interesting places. 14-room fashionable hotels with charm and elegance to admire the views of the mountains from every room of the Resorts. Each room has an open fireplace and is furnished with ancient and contemporary furnishings.

You can dine all days with Myanmar, Shan, China and Europe cuisine. The Royal Kalaw Hills Resort provides free WIFI web connectivity in all areas, free of charge for recreational travellers as well as free WIFI web services, a personal office and secretarial services.

Myanmar Travels Co. limited liability company

We are wholly run by a team of dedicated and seasoned professionals who have been working in Myanmar's tourist industry for several years. Their knowledge and experience, based on an understanding of the needs of important personalities, enables us to put together our itineraries well. Contrary to all others, our tailor-made programmes are for one-of-a-kind people because we want your journey to be everything you desire.

We literally take you on a charming voyage and reveal the mysteries of places, peoples, happenings and genuine food that you would never find alone. We' ve made travel arrangements an artistic activity and try to take pleasure in leaving you with the real feeling of the state.

Every single boat we adjust every single one of our boats so that your adventure is not the same as your friends' last one. Above all, however, we give you a space for yourself, because we just want your journey to be everything you want to be.

Include any spices on the programme or take out the part you think is "not your style" and make your voyage "a voyage of life". Our service is not restricted to the rental of airplanes, boats, cars, guides, interpreters, hotel etc., but we also provide group catering for every kind of budgets, e.g. on the rivers, in the villages, on the farm, at the vineyard, at particular occasions and jubilees.

In addition, we provide unrivalled rates for budgeted travelers and cheap travel. Not only do we say the words, we provide the best possible services and the best expertise available in Myanmar. Our conviction is that nobody knows more about Myanmar than our small and skilled on-site group. Our goal is not to become the largest enterprise in a relatively brief period of the year, but to become the best in our sector.

That' s why we make sure our professionals are fully trained to create your own custom design programme. Find out about the latest trends in the hiding place in the countryside, their best current travelling advice and genuine highpoints. They provide fresh inspiration about sights, accommodation and things that are authentic and located.

We' re pleased to go through the various possibilities to meet your personal requirements.

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