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The majority of Western foreign ministries recommend that travel agencies and citizens do not participate in tourist activities in Burma. IN MYANMAR: VISITOR EXPORTS AND INTERNATIONAL TOURIST ARRIVALS. We offer classic tours to some of Myanmar's most famous destinations. Under the leadership of Mira Travels, Accessible Myanmar is proud to be the first tour operator in Myanmar to offer accessible tourism products. We share our knowledge, resources and expertise to provide you with unforgettable and quality tours of Myanmar.

Myanmar tourist growth of 18 percent - despite Rohingya's'ethnic purge

Myanmar's ascent as a favorite tourist spot over the past 30 years has been notable. Last year, this figure rose from 21,000 to 3.44 million in 1995, an upturn of 16,190 percent. Just-in-Francis, Chief Executive Officer of Responsible-Trade, concur. China, Egypt, Hungary, Israel, Gambia, Kenya, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

While Syria is not a sustainable tourist destination and the latest Pakistan figures are not available, three of the other eight countries (Russia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia) recorded a decline in the number of incoming flights between 2015 and 2017 (while worldwide tourist traffic on most of the world grew rapidly).

Myanmar - Travel & Tourism

Myanmar's tourist industries have become one of the most rapidly expanding in the state. Travel & Tourism's share of overall GNP was 2.2% of overall GNP in 2014, and an increase of 6.8% of overall GNP was forecast by the World Travel and Tourism Council in 2015.

WTTC's 2016 prospects for the travel trade also predict that the sector's overall share of Myanmar's GNP will rise by 5.9% and a further 7% in 2016. Myanmar had the lowest number of visitors of all ASEAN countries in 2010, with just over three hundred thousand.

Laos had 1.2 million visitors and Thailand 14 million. But the number of Myanmar visitors has risen by 30% between 2011 and 2012. -2012 was the first year that over 1 million visitors came to Myanmar. Myanmar hosted 4.68 million visitors in 2015, more than 50% more than the 3.08 million that came to the year.

Myanmar is expected to welcome 6 million visitors in 2016, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. By 2020, Myanmar is expected to welcome 7.5 million people. McKinsey Global Institute estimates that by 2030 travel will have contributed around US$14.1 billion to Myanmar's GNP. Solimar International, an American SME, concluded a three-year agreement with the Myanmar Tourist Federation (MTF) in North America in January 2015 to perform a range of commercial work.

Aim of this relationship is to make Myanmar an thrilling, unexplored and unexplored traveler' s haven for the Americans. Besides the influx of passengers, Myanmar is currently enjoying tremendous expansion. Burma's number of visitors to the country has been increasing since 2012. Bangladesh's most visited destinations are Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and Japan.

Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Great Britain, Europe, Australia and the USA have become the most visited travel destination in Myanmar. Myanmar's number of rooms is soaring. There are more than 1,100 Myanmar and almost 300 Yangon owned properties with around 50,000 rooms. A number of businesses in the catering industry, also in the US, have made investments in Myanmar's residential and business property sectors.

According to the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism, FDI to the country's tourist industry rose to nearly $2. 09bn by August 2016 as opposed to $2. 07bn for all tourist related 2015 ventures. Currently, Singapore is the largest international player in Myanmar's hospitality industry and is investing $1.6 billion in 22 tourism-related investments.

Thailand-HAGL has spent $445 million on 11 different properties and Vietnam has spent $440 million on a property that is the HAGL Myanmar Centre/Plaza with the Melia Hospital. In addition, Malaysia, Japan, China and South Korea have also made some promises to invest in the country's hotels. Burma still needs extra capital expenditure to address the growing need for good value shelters.

The Pan Pacific, Kempinski, Amara, Dusit, Melia, AccorHotels, Shangri-La, Orient-Express, Hilton, Sedona, Best West and Savills are already represented in Myanmar. Now AccorHotels has five properties in Myanmar. In 2018 in Myanmar, the company is planning to open its first Myanmar resort, Sheraton Yangon. Bangkok's "Centara" will soon announce a Myanmar based outreach.

Recently the USA has become an appealing and beloved destination for Myanmar businessmen and amateurs. The National Travel and Tourism Office, U.S. Department of Commerce, reported that some 5,500 Myanmar travellers to the U.S. from January 2016 to August 2016, an 31.2% rise over the year before.

Most travellers go on holiday and buy travel parcels from Myanmar's travel agencies. OpportunitiesMyanmar is a good chance for the American restaurant business due to the continuous growth and the increasing request for internationally renowned restaurants. There' s a great deal of opportunities for US businesses in terms of the furnishings of hotels and accessories such as room furnishings, fabrics, pool/spa needs, bathrooms and household use.

In addition, according to Burma's 2013-2020 Blueprint for Sustainable Development, the Myanmar government wants to concentrate on ecotourism and the promotion of the country's inherent beauties as a destination such as mountain, beach, river, lake and waterfall. The opening of eco-resorts could be another chance for US enterprises. Myanmar has about 2,000 travellers and tourists and the number of outsourced travellers is growing year-on-year.

GOM began in 2016 to allow tourist businesses to request a licence to operate outside the borders, and almost 200 businesses now have authorisation for outside travel in the state. Myanmar's biggest problem for travel agencies is that they have no face-to-face contacts with US travel agencies, and so most of Burma's travel agencies buy US parcels from Thailand's travel agencies.

Thailand's operator has more experience in the US tourist industry. Therefore, there is a great chance for US tourist businesses to work directly with Burma's tourist broker. Burma's tourist agencies are invited to attend major tourist exhibitions such as ITB ASIA, where they can visit many US travel agencies from different countries.

The government is also promoting Myanmar's tourist industry jointventures. Currently there are 39 JVs in Myanmar.

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