Myanmar Travel and Tourism

Burma Travel and Tourism

Department of Hotels and Tourism. Vocational and technical training. University of Myanmar Travel Association. The Myanmar tourism industry has become one of the fastest growing in the country. OTRACETRAFT is a successful tour operator in Myanmar.


VisionBuilding a premier tourism and hospitality education institute in Myanmar with industry-specific programs and highly skilled tourism graduatesMissionAn exemplary tourism and hospitality education institute that prepares highly skilled young adults for useful work in a vibrant and rapidly expanding tourism sector in Myanmar.

Resources resources comprise videoclips, power point transparencies, lesson/training schedules, study activity, case study, quiz, self-assessment activity, e-books, e-documents and other resources that facilitate study and teachings.

Myanmar's tourism sector struggles with'creepy' victory

Last year, a record-breaking growth in tourism attracted one million international tourists to Myanmar, the highest value. Despite rising hospitality billings and a lack of qualified personnel, sector experts describe the suddenly occurring state' s sucess as "frightening". Both as a tourist resort and as a location for the economy, the constant growth in the country's appeal has supported the processes of reforms in the fields of politics and economics.

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism reports that most tourists come to the state through Yangon Airports, the preferred destinations of most major airline companies flying to the state. The number of overseas visits to Yangon in 2012 was 554,531, 54.31 per cent more than in 2011. The number of tourists from Europe was 135,692, or 24.45% of those arriving.

It also shows that the group of free, unrelated travelers (FITs) is the biggest group with 232,715 travelers, followed by all-inclusive travelers (12 6,036), travelers on incentive trips (114,456) and those holding welfare visas (37,778). Burma welcomed 33,771 people through Mandalay, Nyaung U and Nay Pyi Taw and 465,614 people through control points on its border with Thailand, China and India.

The number of tourists arriving in 2013 is forecast to grow by another 30 per cent, a similar rate in 2012, according to industrial resources. Whilst the Asiatic nations will still serve most of our customers, a growing presence in the emerging West is anticipated due to the improved global reputation of the state. Phyo Wai Yar Zar, CEO of All Asia Exclusive Travel and Chair of the Myanmar Marketing Committee, said 2013 would be a year of challenges for Myanmar's itineraries.

"He said, "As the country's travel industry's infrastructures will be far below the level of tourism industry demands.

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