Myanmar Travel alone

Travel Myanmar alone

To travel alone in Myanmar is great if you like to travel alone. Because of its ethnic diversity, different languages, small and confusing streets, Myanmar is not a place to travel alone. View more ideas about Asia travel, Myanmar travel and travel tips. Alone in Myanmar as a woman. India, Ethiopia, Iran, Myanmar, Thailand and Tunisia.

Travel safely alone?

Do you think anyone has an opinion about whether it would be safer for me as a girl to travel alone in Burma? It is my intention to visit the common touristic places - Rangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake - as well as Hsipaw, Kalaw and possibly the Golden Rock pit.

It is not yet clear whether I should travel by coach or on domestic air. I' d like to take the rail trip to Hsipaw and the ferry trip from Mandalay to Bagan. In order to clarify some connections, I have a great deal of traveling alone through Europe.

Traveling alone through Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia, I would have no problems traveling alone through Cambodia and Vietnam (although I went on organized tours to these countries). A few month ago I was on an organized journey to Rajasthan/Delhi/Varanasi and I don't think I would be alone in India.

Burma through the lens of Solo Travel

Although I have lived in Thailand for the last seven month, I could not avoid being a little bit jumpy for my first travel experiences alone. I' ve traveled to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Burma is a newly industrialized nation that has only opened its door to the world in recent years. And I doublechecked that I had everything I needed for a ten-day trip.

Travelling alone has advantages and drawbacks. From Yangon, Bagan and Kalaw to Inle Lake and Mandalay, I travelled all over the world. Every place was a little different and offered a new view of the land and a new cultural experience. Fortunately, I received Burma's old-fashioned medicines, also known as tomatoes, to relieve the discomfort.

Travelling alone has advantages and drawbacks. Travelling alone, on the other side, was costly and sometimes a little Ionely. However, I managed to make some good buddies on the way and had companionship for the entire three-day hike in the Shan Hills. Two young Myanmar woman guided the trip, making it safer and more convenient for the travellers.

Actually, the hike was my favourite part of the journey. I not only had good companionship, but I also saw real Myanmar civilization without tourism pitfalls and fraud. It was a long and demanding hike. But it was unbelievable to see the Myanmar population in their real condition. I was not provided with flowing waters in the towns, folk were wearing mountain folk costumes and the sight of 50-year-old girls wearing pails of rain on their head gave me reassurance when I got weary.

It makes me feeling more self-sufficient and optimistic that I can do things without the consent or trust of others. It was a great journey, but not much could surpass the realism of the hike. But I saw some quite amazing Buddhist monasteries, was welcomed by kind friars and photographed by almost all of them.

Burma definitely has its own unique and unique qualities. There is everything from horse-drawn coaches, to men who spit blood-red bugs' juices, to a cosmetics past on women's faces and wearing conventional attire. Despite the tourist industry, these factors make Myanmar appear to be a little "unchanged" and old-fashioned. Myanmar's violence and corruption in Myanmar's politics could discourage visitors.

Burma's tribe is kind and there are so many wonderful things about the state. There' s no need to be insecure, especially given the powerful Buddhaist footprint in Myanmar. A visit to Myanmar alone was definitely a good choice. It makes me feeling more self-sufficient and optimistic that I can do things without the consent or trust of others.

It' a place I would be encouraging other girls in search of an genuine and multicultural adventure. She likes to travel to new places, meet new crowds and take pictures.

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