Myanmar Travel Agency List

Burma Travel Agency List

To Myanmar for your trip! Booking now - Myanmar's best travel agency. We will definitely stay in touch for future trips, as Nepal and China are on our list. Join our mailing list. Myanmar Travels and Tours Ltd.

MiNaMi travel agency in Myanmar

The Central Hotel95-1-278472, 24100795-1-248003central.ygn@mptmail. Hotel245365,250291, Tower95-1-558556, The Palace Hotel(0951)249255-9, 242613-21951256184, Sedona Hotel95-1-666900, Yuzana Hotel(951)549600, 543367, 543370(951)543835, Bagan Thande Hotel703992, Kaytumadi Hotel(95-1) 225714, Kaytumadi Hotel(95-1) 225714, The Serenity ( "Bangan") Hotel95-1-511098, 514262, 514866, Thazin Gardan Hotel95-62-70020, 95-1-512715, 720736951512715, The Tharaber Gate(95-1) 211888, (Ext: 201.202), Emaerald Land INN09-39471, 39472, Mandaly Hill Resort Hotel95-1- 255459, 255460, Mandalay - Swan95-2- 31591, Ryoal City Hotel95-2- 31805, Yamonner OO Hotel95-1- 726413, Amata95-1- 725178, 55929292,

544736, Nobel043-23558, Shwethazin043-23947, Ahren Hotel95-57 25764, Hotel Max951-500123, 513009, Inle Lake View Resort081-29332, Paramount Inle081-29477, The Serenity Inle Hotel95-1- 511098, 514262, 514866,

"On my last journey to ASIA, where I was visiting Myanmar, I decided to organise my journey with an agent from Yangon to prevent a group-journey.

"On my last journey to ASIA, where I was visiting Myanmar, I decided to organise my journey with an agent from Yangon to prevent a group-journey. Usually I travels alone and know my interests when I am visiting a certain state. MELITE TOURS gave me total rewards for my selection; they found solutions to all my needs.

If you need a personal trip, please feel free to get in touch with Melitetour for an unforgettable trip in this wonderful, smile-happy land.

Santa Maria Travels & Tours Yangon Myanmar Travel Agency for tailor-made vacations

We are proud to be a partner of Beyond Myanmar - a specialised Australian tourist office that offers tailor-made vacations and adventure trips in Myanmar in collaboration with Santa Maria. Burma â a captivating place with millions of shimmering rabbits and smile-happy, welcoming humans; a place with interesting historic background and various colourful ethnical strains; a wealthy nations in which the world produces plenty of jewels, sapphires and imperial jade; an empire that has been insulated itself for many centuries & maintaining centuries-old tradition and astonishing heritage are just some of the judgements of its vistor.

This trip to Myanmar is a trip into the past. Burma has much to boast for an up-and-coming traveler - from lush and impressive buddhistic architectural treasures to glorious archeological monuments, glittering scenery and scenic beauty, over a hundred colourful mountain trunks, vibrant broad streams, enchanting culture towns, unspoilt shoreline shores, snow-capped northern mountain ranges to the lush sea and unspoilt Mergui Archipelagoaleaea...not to forget the welcoming, loving and unspoilt shores...

â Myanmar is indeed one of the most expansive and varied areas on earth. There may be a different angle whether you want to go to Myanmar or not â but there are always two sides to it like on one single mint. Making this first choice is the most challenging part of travel.

Myanmar is all in all deserving of all 28-day visas and yet you will want to come back! Myanmar offers a wide range of accommodation, from first-class resorts to inexpensive B&Bs. Find out how to organise a Myanmar trip and then use your own fantasy to do so.

We' re a small professional travelling staff located in Yangon, run by 100% of citizens of different nationalities. We' ve been active in the tourist trade almost from the beginning, when the privately run business was able to work under difficult conditions in 1992. Now we are able to hire high quality staff & Myanmar tourist experts to manage every kind of tour offer from basic classic trips to the big adventure and luxurious itineraries.

Have a look at our route suggestions to see how you can better organise your ideal trip, or use our trip planning questionnaire by coordinating your needs and wishes with your own individual tour guide.

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