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Burma Travel Agency List

Locate the right Myanmar (Burma) tour operator for your style and budget. It has alliances and partnerships with major travel agencies in Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. All-Day Mandalay (The Last Kingdom of Myanmar). Experts in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. One of Myanmar's best travel agencies, we offer package tours - day trips and tailor-made tours.

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We have a small group of young, innovating and skilled employees from 5 to over 10 years in the busines. "I couldn't make a choice as to where exactly........ Would you like to taste delicious Myanmar food?

How do I find a reputable Myanmar tourist office? Burmese Myanmar Peoples- All very kind and supportive and the astonishing things we got to see..... The staff are very supportive - both before our journey to Myanmar and during our stay here. Kind-hearted, supportive group. Very supportive tour operator group. A good idea to place Ngapali Beach at the end of the journey so that the traveller can relax.

And I think the trip was so good because the guides and the drivers organised this 5-day trip differently from the actual programme and that is something very particular..... It is good to distinguish the trip from the originals to see life in action. It was very impressing that we drove north of Myanmar NearBagan.

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Having looked at various default routes and reports from about 15 agents, with some mentions about TA, I began to interact with the individual agents, with a serious read of Lonely Planet and DK Reisebücher about Myanmar and with a sharp on it: "I'm a traveller: Those who created my selection were ( (in alphabetic order) with the people I was in contact with:

To be fair, I will not disclose the name of the name of the agent I signed with!


Passports valid for at least six month from the date of entering Myanmar are necessary. Myanmar residents can obtain an e-visa for 28-day stays before arriving. Arrivals are at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw International Airports and a number of Thai crossings.

There is little widespreadplace in Myanmar for global mobile communications and we recommend that you consult your national telecommunications operator for more information. Burma Myanmar Intermediate Mail Service, which delivers mail all over the world, mainly via Singapore, Bangkok and Seoul. As many of its neighbours jumped into the twenty-first century, Myanmar has remained unaffected by the impact of modernization.

Myanmar has maintained a timeless nature after centuries of isolation and radical change that few other South East Asia states have. Isolated from the impact of globalization, many Myanmarans - and the peoples within their boundaries - have a lifestyle that is not so different from that of their predecessors centuries ago. Mystical and seductive tendency to traditions in Myanmar makes it a captivating place to experience a long lost Asia.

The majority of those who come to Myanmar will tell about the beauties of its temple and the wealth of its story - but the real core of the land is its population. As Myanmar divides its border with so many different nations - China, India, Thailand, Laos and Bangladesh - it also has one of the most distinctive civilizations in the area.

Though Myanmar's towns have a similar sense of vitality to the towns of Southeast Asia, Myanmar also has a unique quiet and tranquil aura. The ageing English settlement style, shimmering Buddhaist couples and antique churches bear witness to the nation's past lives, and even in big towns like Yangon and Mandalay traditionally built bison plows are never far away.

Myanmar's present-day culture and architecture in its old towns and largest metropolitan centres is still a strong tribute to why it is still known as Asia's Golden Land. Taxis are the most important means of transport in the large towns of Myanmar. The costs depend on the distances - a drive from Yangon International Yangon International Pagoda Station to the centre of the town costs about 5000 MMK, while a fast drive through the centre to Shwedagon Pagoda costs about 1500 MMK.

The itineraries are restricted and a ride around Yangon on the Circle Line can take up to three at most. As a rule, motorcycle trips are not insured. Before proceeding, please review the small printed version of your holiday assurance policies. In June the wet seasons begin, which cool the temperature a bit, but it is not advisable to go to Ngapali Beach, as many resort and hotel buildings are closed during this time.

Instead, drive to the dryest areas in the centre - Mandalay is a great place to visit this year. The temperature is mild and more comfortable, although in areas such as Mandalay it can be a little further northerly and can rise up to 10°C. Attention: The Asian climate can be unforeseen and we recommend that you bring an parasol or an eavesdropper, no matter what time of year you are travelling.

The Thingyan is the biggest New Year celebration in Myanmar. As a nationwide celebration, in certain areas such as Lake Inle and Shan State, cyclone shaped ballons full of candle shaped bubbles are let into the sky to expel bad people. Yangon provides a uniquely diverse view of Myanmar's city and countryside in a land more known for its tranquil countryside than its citys.

The faded colorful architectural style, the pulsating roads, the intriguing historic places and the wealth of magnificent shrines make it an ideal place to explore the city. Yangon is one of the most beautiful and impressive towns in Southeast Asia, from the many newsstands, teashops and Betelblatt sellers to the inquisitive, cheerfully clad people.

Situated about 900 meters above sealevel, Lac Inle is a welcome getaway from the crushing temperatures of lower Myanmar. It is also the second biggest one. Apart from the stunning mountains, one of the most convincing motivations for visiting Lac Inle is the exceptional cultural heritage and richness of the colorful ethnical groups that live there.

Intha, the biggest ethnical group, are best known for their distinctive oarsmanship. It is said that Inle Lake is the only place in the worid where this practise is practiced, and it is an important element in Inle Lake's reputation as one of the most photoogenic places in Asia.

The former Myanmar's imperial capitol, Mandalay is the country's second-biggest town. Amarapura and Sagaing, the Leaning Tower of Ava in Inwa and the famous photo bridge over Ubien are also close by, with a huge ditch and a king's palace in the foreground.

Further away are partly dug up remnants of the Pyu Ancient Cities, which were already built in 200 BC. Mandalay is one of the best places in the world to discover and live the intriguing Myanmar countryside's rich history and history.

Situated on the Irrawaddy River, Bagan was once a busy capitol in the middle of the old Silk Road between India and China. The kingdom of Pagan was one of Asia's most famous towns at its peak, a fact that is still reflected today in some 2,200 different places of worship from the ninth to the thirteenth century.

Famed for its otherworldly rises and sets, Bagan is considered one of the best places in Asia for both historic explorations and amazing photography. With a view of the small city Kyaikhto, about 200 km eastwards of Yangon, lies a golden-leaved rock of rocky granites, which is unsteadily situated on the rim of a hill at 1100 m aboveseas.

The Golden Rock, or Kyaiktio Pagoda, is one of the most important places of Buddhism in Myanmar. Myanmar is usually not at the top of the agenda when travelers are considering a seaside holiday in Southeast Asia - and that's what makes it so surprising. Secluded from the outside environment for centuries, Myanmar's coastline is one of the most untouched and unexplored in Asia.

Myanmar is the best place for those who love beaches in the quest for tranquillity and tranquillity, with over two thousand kilometres of coast, thousand of secluded paradisiacs, abundantly clear waters and unparalleled culture. Take a trip to Ngapali Beaches, Ngwe Saung or the Myeik Archipelago to explore a completely different side of Myanmar and Asia.

Explore the mystic grandeur of Bagan with a bird's eye perspective of tens of thousands a pagoda as you float over the stuffy old empire in a hot-air baloon at sundown. This is one of the most exciting experiences in Asia and promises a unique photo opportunities at the same time.

If you want to take impressive pictures of your Asian adventures home to show yourself to your loved ones and your families, a raft in a warm aeroplane over Bagan is the final show. From Inle Lake to Kalaw, a hike takes you through some of Myanmar's most scenic landscapes.

As you enjoy the famous host family accommodation, laugh and enjoy a nice glass of coffee before driving through small valley and gentle hill country to enjoy one of the best outdoor activities in Myanmar. Enjoy the varied and lively lifestyle at Lake Inle, where the residents cultivate centuries-old tradition.

Float through the swimming towns, sanctuaries and backyards as you cycle along this vast pond. This is a brief excursion from Mandalay, U-leg, over a kilometre through the flat water of Taungthaman Sea.

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