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Borowiecki Administrator Green travels to Asia: Beirat I Tourism Product & Small Business Development. Mandalay and Bagan travel advice - Myanmar Message Board Since we are on the road with children, I wanted to see if there are disturbances in Mandalay or Bagan. Notify us, please. Peacefully in Mandalay and Bagan. I' ve traveled alone and haven't seen any disturbances in Mandalay and Bagan.

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Burma travel advice from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism Myanmar

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism would like to provide member firms with advice on how best to respond to recent events in the northern regions of Rakhine when asked by their foreign tourist offices and customers. It would be our pleasure if you could look through this news and help us to select the appropriate solution.

Together with the Central Committee of the Republic of Myanmar, the United Nations and the many international government, the Ministry of Hotel and Tourist condemns the attack on policing stations in the Rathedaung community near the Bangladesh frontier last Friday. This was in an area that had always been banned from tourists.

Suggested news from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism about Bangladesh borders. and and Burma is still a very secure destination for overseas visitors and currently, permanent tourist arrivals through major ports, checkpoints and ports, we recommend that travellers always remain within the allowed areas, as described on the website of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism website .

You can still safely reach all sights like the sun-drenched Ngapali beaches and the antique Mrauk U templesruines. All of Myanmar has great weathers so don't just sit back and relax, come and see us now. Please contact the Ministry of Hotels & Tourismus for periodic information on Myanmar's touristic activities at .

Do you plan a trip to Myanmar? If you need any further assistance, please contact us now.

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