Myanmar Travel Advice

Burma travel advice

What is the recommended length of stay in Myanmar? Please read our Burma (Myanmar) travel tips and advice compiled by our specialists to help you plan your trip. Our level of travel advice has not changed. Be very careful in Myanmar overall. Plan your trip to Myanmar with our handy travel tips that cover everything from health, currency and shopping to WiFi.

Travel advice: Myanmar

What is the recommended length of stay in Myanmar? A two-week trip is the ideal way to discover Myanmar. Five or longer is enough to get to know the local historical and cultural heritage by taking in two of Myanmar's Big Four distinations. Burma is an astonishing place to experience some of the most extraordinary festival in the game.

The majority of the festivities are of both a culture and religion and offer fascinating and colourful events for the visitor. The data changes every year, so please make sure you know which ones are on during your trip through the state. It is a particularly good plan to pay attention to the vibrant fiestas that take place on a regular basis throughout Myanmar. Myanmar is a very hospitable and inviting place.

Encountering and mixing with them is often a high point of the journey to Myanmar. Below we have described some of our favourite places to experience our community cultures that can be easily added to your Myanmar vacation program. That means, "Have you eaten?" is a popular salute all over Myanmar.

However, most travellers do not know what to look for in Myanmar's kitchen. Continue reading to learn more about the Golden Land's delicious flavours and cuisines. There are three distinct periods in Myanmar: the cold, the warm and the wet. Every time of the year has its own special event, along with a number of years' worth of festival where you can savour this historical, intriguing and energy-packed world.

View the best of Myanmar. From the pulsating town of Yangon to the temple-filled plain of Bagan, this brief but enlightening vacation stretches across a vast expanse of land. Discover the old capital cities of Mandalay and then flight to Shan State, a scenic and colorful mountainous area.

Burma is different from anywhere else in Southeast Asia or the rest of the know. Southeast Asia " is commonly used as a collective name for the southern and northern Australian states. Although these are common to all of these nations, they all have their own particularities. Below we have described 5 things that make Myanmar different and different.

Burma is a country of holy holiness, deeply entrenched tradition and miles and miles of beautiful scenery and welcoming nation.

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