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Burma travel advice

Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon is Myanmar's largest city. Preparing for the trip is the key to a trouble-free trip from Pakistan to Myanmar. Preparing for the trip is the key to a trouble-free trip from Iran to Myanmar. See here which vaccinations are required for Myanmar and schedule your appointment online. For more information about our travel adventures, click here: http://www.


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Straight by chance I was watching the BBC show, Tropic of Cancer, where Simon Reeve risked into chin condition and it appeared like a very haired one. "The TV-badventurer Simon Reeve recounted last night how he escaped from heavy artillery forces after he snuck into Burma. Reeve, who irregularly transgressed the BBC because the BBC was forbidden by the oppressive regimes, visited a Chinese tribe town to record Burmese repression.

However, when they spoke to the oldest, they were unexpectedly alerted that a Myanmar army force was on its way. Simon, who evaded Mexico's drugs murderers and Africans in BBC2's Tropic of Cancer, said: "Sneaked through Burma's jungles in the midnight and fled from heavy armored warriors.

"and I thought the forces had gotten to us. Simon, who could have spent years in a violent Burma jail if he had been arrested, said:

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Tourist visas, for 28 nights, are required to travel to the Philippines. As of September 1, 2014, nationals of several counties can now obtain a pre-approved tourist visas at It' a very simple procedure and works well on your way to Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw, but at the present time it is only possible if you arrive by air.

Now there are ATMs in Yangon and Mandalay where you can withdraw the domestic currencies with VISA and/or Mastercard. VISA or other bank transfer methods are only available in some hotel and touristic stores for an surcharge. It is therefore still wise to spend most of your trip money in hard of exchange to pay for your stay in Myanmar.

It is the cheapest of all currencies, as the price of tourism service is usually given in US-Dollars. It is also the most widely used to convert to the Kiráti. It' important that the USdollar notes you are bringing do not look "old" and used, have scrapes and markings or have numbers starting with the characters CT or AB (apparently there were once counterfeit USllars circulating with these character combinations).

For a crunchy $100 bill, the currency usually has a slightly higher value than two $50 bills. You can change your currency at some bank and in the Bogyoke Aung San store in Yangon. It' always hard to give tips on how to prevent it.

Typical tourist destinations are not regarded as malaria-affected areas, but it is best to take your doctor's health care advices. You will need to take the necessary medication with you in your carry-on baggage. There' s an SOS hospital in Yangon with a senior Westerner surgeon. It is important to make sure that you have good cover and that you have the insurer's accident and distress number in your itinerary.

Bottling is cheap and can be purchased anywhere. In Myanmar, most men and woman are wearing a blouse/shirt and a sarong-like fabric that reaches to their knuckles and is named lunggyi. They are very handy when you have to take off your shoes before you enter houses, shrines, pagodas, convents and other holy places.

You will find cheap and easy to carry shoes on every store. Wearing a helmet or bonnet is good against the afternoon heat, and you should also take sunblock, mosquito repellents and a torch. Myanmar is one of the most secure places in the worid when it comes to criminality.

It is not restricted when it comes to contacts between foreign and native people, but it is not permitted for visitors to spend the night in a house or guesthouse without a tourism licence. It is likely that your mobile will only work with a single smartphone key, but global operators are starting to introduce it.

Low-cost landline and locally available smart phones are now available in the big towns, but may not yet work in all parts of the state. There are many WiFi or other types of WiFi connections (albeit slow) in most of the hotel rooms and there are also residential cafés in isolated areas.

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