Myanmar Travel 2016

2016 Myanmar Travel

Locate a comprehensive and step-by-step guide to Burma (Myanmar) that travels 2016 / 2017 with the guide to Myanmar. Here is my comprehensive Myanmar travel guide, tips, sample programs and pictures to help you plan your trip. Submitted on 23 April 2016. Myanmar (Burma) is not as expensive as you might think. How did we do this and how much should you plan for Myanmar?

Travel tips for 2016 Myanmar

Before travelling to Myanmar, my hubby and I searched logs and messaging panels to find the latest information on pricing, currency and point-to-point transportation. One of the most precious information was to be heard from travellers who had recently come back from Myanmar. In the following you will find some hints from our research and our own experience during our twelve-day journey in January 2016.

You' ll find that the land is often mentioned as "Myanmar (Burma)" on tourist charts and guidebooks. Was it Myanmar or is it Burma? During this period the name is used in an interchangeable way, but the more common and modern name is Myanmar. As a backdrop, the name was shifted from Burma to Myanmar in 1989 by a military junta.

Burma, for example, is the legal name still used by the US State Department today. Please note: Currently eVisa is NOT applicable for entry into Myanmar. Coming from Yangon International Airport, Mandalay International Airport or Nay Pyi Taw International Airport. You must include your name, adress, e-mail, etc., your identity data, your Myanmar housing (only one is correct) and a colour-picture.

From Yangon via Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake) to Bagan and then to Mandalay. From Yangon to Nyaung Shwe the coach was a 12-hour night coach that departed at 6 pm and entered at 6 am. We' ve had a very beautiful journey, about which you can find out more here. Nearest coach was the same JJ Express from Nyaung Shwe to Bagan and departed around 8pm and arriving in Bagan around 3:30am.

Last was a minibus from Bagan to Mandalay, which departed around midday and arriving around 6:30 pm. We were met at our lodgings and transferred to our Mandalay lodge, which was surprising and very pleasant not to be charged for an extra cab. Rucksacks are stowed under the seat and in the corridor and there are regular stopovers to collect local people and/or their bags with groceries and/or cattle.

Bagan admission prices are 25,000 cyat. There were two ATMs in Mandalay that were out of order, so we found a third, all within a 1 metre range, which shows how widespread they are. We' d been reading some blog posts saying that Myanmar was a little expensive.

While we found that Mandalay had higher restuarant fares, touring, transportation and dining were quite reasonable elsewhere. It could be reduced slightly by consuming fewer restaurants and more road meal. It is a good practice to book your connecting flight before coming to Myanmar so that you do not have any problems with onlinebooking.

Burma was one of the places where T-Mobile does not work, so we bought a Telenor Tourist SIM at Yangon Aiport. The reporting worked well in all the places we were on the road. and we weren't mad about the dinner in Myanmar. Favourite dishes were West side dishes from the Yangon 50-th Street Café and China side dishes from the Inle Lake Dim Sum House, giving our range some colour.

The Myanmar Tee is sugary and lightweight and very delicious. The Mandalay and Yangon hotel had emergency power generator units that immediately intervened in the event of a breakdown. Nevertheless, I tried to prevent the lift to the 6th storey in Yangon, especially after a small quake. In Myanmar we felt very secure.

We hadn' t realized that we had too little cash when we rented our bicycles in Bagan and the shop keeper gave us the additional cash back before we left. Most of all, the greatest security problem was going on the pavements, which were jammed with motorcycles and grocers that forced us to take to the streets.

During a visit to Bagan you will also need a set of slippery heels. Inle Lake and Bagan were colder in January. Please review the conditions and take a lightweight fleet or cardigan for morning and evening. We travelled three in Yangon, three in Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake area), three in Nyaung-U (Bagan area) and three in Mandalay.

It seemed like three wasn't a bad night for Yangon. It is enough for one full working full moon to see Old Bagan, two full working hours will allow you to go a little more. When we were in Bagan one time I got ill, so we lost a second orgasm. Most of them seemed to be heading for Old Bagan.

Don't schedule a journey to Myanmar and miss Inle lake! We spent one full working days visiting the beautiful scenery and on the second days we went to a vineyard and met some interesting travellers. I' d suggest we stay in Nyaung Shwe and not on the lakes. It is full of places to eat and stay, within walking distance, planning and traveling.

I' d restrict our Mandalay hours to the next day before departure. It was difficult to walk the pavements and the roads with the constant flow of motorcycle through them. We travelled to the most important touristic places in Myanmar.

To travel off the beaten path, you may need some thorough research and may need to allow for additional clearance for passage through prohibited areas. From Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, for example, we thought we would arrive in Myanmar, from where there are bus services for visas every day.

During my research I learnt that a journey through the land from this checkpoint was not possible. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you arrange your flight via Yangon or Mandalay airports. Tourist Transparency has a beautiful card with the prohibited areas in Myanmar. We had a more progressed journey to Myanmar, but it was a very worthwhile one.

If you have any queries or require travel arrangements, please contact us!

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