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Please contact us today to learn more about our range of inbound tours in Myanmar. The Yangon is full of colorful rural architecture and a contemporary way of life. The Yangon is full of colorful rural architecture and a contemporary way of life. Periwinkle and chilly with luxuriant exotic plants, shaded gardens and lovely ponds, Yangon covered 400 sq.m.

Yangon was established by King Alaungpaya on the site of a small village named Dagon when he captured Lower Myanmar in 1755.

Yangon means "End of Strife" and was English-speaking by the British as Rangoon. andalay is the old capitol of Myanmar during the Kone Baung period. Myanmar's second biggest town. The town is encircled by old neighbouring towns such as Mingun, Sagaing, Innwa (Ava) and Amarapura, which, due to their historic and spiritual importance, are very interesting excursion sites - in antiquity as well as today.

One of the wealthiest archeological and historic places in Asia. Myanmar's most important travel destinations, Bagan, the former capitol of Myanmar's first empire, occupies an area of 42 square kilometers with over 2000 well-preserved 11th and 13th centr. medieval churches, palaces and cloisters.

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Journey to Myanmar, the country of Buddhist couples and Buddhist monasteries, rice paddies and the tranquil countryside. Blackened with a bluish shade of amber, the landscape is brightened and a thousand towers of mountain peaks are visible as you fly over the antique town of Bagan in a hot-air baloon. From Mandalay Hill you can see Mandalay from a bird's perspective and then visit the Sandamuni Buddha with its 18,000 kilogram heavy steel Buddha.

Every one of Myanmar's thousand of shrines, Buddha sculptures and couples is different and inimitable. This gleaming gold-plated and diamond-studded stupa of the renowned Shwedagon pagoda of the capitol Yangon is encircled by 64 smaller ones. Although Myanmar is a place deeply ingrained in the Buddha School, the modern age is coming to their doors. You can concentrate on savouring every single stage of your personal Myanmar route.

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Myanmar's best travel season is November to March. You will be given an idea of when to explore the various areas of Myanmar by our destinations team. Sparkling sanctuaries, fairytale scenery and friendly, inviting individuals - Myanmar is full of joy. Click on the links below to see our top 10 Myanmar rides.

Myanmar's destinations exchange information on Myanmar's currencies, healthcare and communications. Please click here for the best travel advice. The Myanmar tour isn't just about sparkling golden palagodas. You will be enchanted by the humans here too! In spite of century-long isolations and little contact with contemporary West European culture, the Myanmar population welcomes the visitor with open arms. Here, the visitor is welcomed with open hands.

The former UK capitol Yangon has been influenced by India, China and colonialism. The Myanmar tour is about eating, scenery and culture. Myanmar, a former UK settlement in South East Asia (formerly known as Burma), has undergone several changes over the years.

Myanmar has only once been truly successful in its story. Unfortunately, two hundred years later, Kublai Khan's military blew through the land and fell into Myanmar's night. Myanmar became a British Indian provincial when the British East India Company came to rule in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. WWII was a new disaster because Myanmar was an important battlefield in the conflict, which was only freed shortly before the capitulation of the Japanese in 1945.

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