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The app is able to translate words and texts from English into Burmese and from Burmese into English. Useful application for simple and fast translations, which also. Download a new version of Google Translate for PC. It' s All Feature Give In One App. Myanmar English Translation Dictionary German to Myanmar Dictionary free download Myanmar English Dictionary offline free It's All Feature Give In One App.

Myanmar English Translator for Android - Free Downloads and Free Evaluations

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Burma English Translator - Download

The Myanmar (Burmese) to English translator tool is a useful tool that will help you in translating words, texts and voices from Myanmar (Burmese) into English and back. De-Claimer: Google translates the text. Since we do not have Myanmar English Translator 7.0 hosted on our server, we have not checked it for any virus, adult, spyware or other types of harmful software.

Myanmar-English translator app with downloadable dictionary? - Cameroon message board

Myanmar-English translator app with downloaded English? I can' t get a Burmese-English lexicon from the Android Google Translator app, which doesn't help me in a Train, Busses, remote area etc.. I have the on-line translator on my computer, for Mozillafox, I don't know if they have a downloaded or not.

Myanmar to Burma translator app with downloadable dictionary? There' s over a dozen language translation programs in Google Play with the first one I download that won't work when I put the phones in plane state.

Goolgooglate will add 10 more languages, incl. Myanmar

Google's translator is continually add new tongues, but the latest release is remarkable because it contains both Myanmar's native Myanmar and Malayalam, one of India's six classic tongues with 38 million people. This is particularly important because it builds on Google's effort to attract more indians.

For example, early this months Google started the India Language International Alliance, which aims to expand the offer for Hinduspeakers and the quest for heroes. Rajan Anandan, CEO of Google India, said at a news briefing that "we need to achieve our target of 500 million web surfers by 2017[in India] to make the web available to those who don't know English".

He is planning to expand his service to other Indic language versions, and the inclusion of Malayalam in Google Translate is a small but remarkable move in this direction. India's main language is English and Hindustani, and the Brazilian authorities also recognise some 20 other foreign language versions. In India, according to the People's Linguistic Survey of India, there are currently 780 different language speakers, 122 out of more than 10,000 of them.

However, only 198 million Indians are expected to speak English, so it is important for Google to expand its range of services in different Indic tongues if it wants to enter this world.

He added that Google's first prioritization in Myanmar is to increase information accessibility with its searching engines and utilities such as Google & Maps. Google reports that the overall number of Google Translation enabled language support will increase to 90, meaning that 200 million more will be able to use it to produce translations into their mother tongue.

Commenting on the results of the Google Translate project, the firm said that the precision of Google Translate is dependent on the members of the Translate Community, who complement the tool's algorithm by proofreading translation and snippets.

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