Myanmar Transit Visa on Arrival

Burmese transit visa on arrival

You can apply for the visa directly at Rannong airport and have it stamped. A transit visa may be required if the traveller intends to pass through immigration. Myanmar transit passengers with a final destination; travel visas *Pro Tip: Arrival visas are no longer available to tourists entering Myanmar. Applicants for transit visas must present a flight ticket for the final.

Transit visa issued on arrival is available.

Myanmar Transit Visa

If you are transiting at any of these 3 Burma/Myanmar internationals, Burma Myanmar destinations, which include Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw, the Burma Passport is one of your interests. The following information on visas in transit is required: 1. A few hour long without a visitIf you make a connection to another state or another place without sight seeing from the airfield, you do not need a visas.

Then you can just remain in the bus shelters of the above named cosmopolitan airports until your next trip. If you have a half or full days until your next trip to Yangon/ Mandalay/ Nay Pyi Daw - the Burmese capitol - a permit is required.

They must obtain a normal Burma passport that allows them to remain in the Burma for up to 28 consecutive nights. You will find the fees for visas on the top of this website. Myanmar Visas Run - 1 Visas in KawthaungThis unique visas are for those who want to travel across the Rannong - Kawthaung frontier to see Burma.

This is a shore transiting visas for brief journeys between 2 different nationalities. It is possible to get your application and stamp directly at Rannong International Airports.

Myanmar Forum - Transit Visa

So it seems that the permit is available on arriving. But, on the basis of this board, I'm concerned about two things: 2. that AirAsia would deny me the return trip to Myanmar if I didn't already have a valid visas in my han. Have things improved in the last few month? Did anyone receive a permit of passage on your way here?

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As well as our handling charges, consular services may be charged for your visa request. Postage and packing and additional services are not included. A complete listing of charges can be found in your request for a student Visa. Working vizas have higher servicing charges due to their complexities.

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