Myanmar Transit Visa

Burma Transit Visa

Anyone particularly familiar with the transit visa procedure? You can apply for a transit visa for the Netherlands living in Myanmar through the VFS Global office in Yangon. MRYANMAR TRANSIT VISAS: Required for all except those mentioned above and those in direct transit with the same aircraft. This is for the purpose of transit (PDF). Documents required for Myanamr nationality to apply for a long-term Japanese entry visa.


Transit visa is a visa for every stay of 24h (.12h) on Burma's border, at the Burma International Aiport. It is valid for 24h. NOTICE: The Andorran and Hispanic languages are dependent on the Embassy of Myanmar in France. There is only one registration sheet per student. - Two colour photographs, full-surface, with light backgrounds, max. 6 month old, glued to every top corner of the cube.

  • Original passport for at least 6 month from the date of your stay in Myanmar with three full blank pages. You will also be asked for a copy of the residency card and evidence of your postal and physical identity for each individual from a non-European nationality. No evidence is necessary for persons not residing in France.

Local payments : Pay by post : You can make a one-off deposit for several visa requests. Shipping time: For a local visa application: Your visa request will be processed within 24h. To apply for a visa by mail: Upon receiving your post, if your data set is completed, the handling of your visa will be carried out under 24 hrs and then sent.

It is necessary to take into consideration the time limit for dispatch and delivery of mail, i.e. about 7 working day after the time limits of mailage. Every lateness on the part of the post offices must be the subject of a complain. The Embassy of Myanmar has the right to process or refuse any visa applications and to ask for any other support documents to fill in a file.

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But, on the basis of this board, I'm concerned about two things: 2. that AirAsia would deny me the return trip to Myanmar if I didn't already have a visa in my han. Have things improved in the last few month? Did anyone receive a transit visa upon your return?

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