Myanmar Train Map

Burma Train Map

South-East Asia train connections map. Cards of Myanmar (also known as Burma), the most important destination. Train list and search. List of stations and search* Map of Yangon stations and user's location. Support for Myanmar and English.

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The present paper deals with Myanmar Railways, initially known as Burma Railways. See Burma railroad for the World War II report between Thailand and Burma. 4 ] It is also suggested to switch from meter track to normal track. The railroad was first established in Myanmar in May 1877, when Lower Burma was a UK settlement and the 262 km line from Yangon to Pyay was opened by the Irrawaddy Valley State railroad.

The Sittang Valley State Railway, a 267 km long line along the Sittaung River from Yangon via Bago to Taungoo, opened in 1884. Following the 1885 Anglo-Burma War the Taungoo Line was expanded to Mandalay, the former capitol, after the Anglo-Burma War.

After the opening of this section, the Mu Valley State railroad was founded and work began on the building of a railroad line from Sagaing to Myitkyina, connecting Mandalay with Shwebo in 1891, with Wountho in 1893, with Katha[5] in 1895 and with Myitkyina in 1898. Before the Myitkyina line was completed in 1896, the three enterprises were merged into the Burma Railway Company as a state-owned corporation.

6 ] The railroad was known as Burma Railways between 1928 and 1989. By 1942 the land had 3,313 km (2,059 miles) gauges, but during World War II the Japanese were about 480 km (298 miles) away. They built the only truly ephemeral death railroad that the land of Thanbyusayat Junction had over the Three Pagodas Pass to Thailand.

a 87-mile (152.68 km) section of the Katha Bamov rail link to allow rail travelers and freight to get to Bamov, not with the IRRWD. Sixty-six mile ('59. 64 km), while the other 57. Eighty-one mile ('93. 04 km) are still underway. This section under development is the Kyaukkyi Bridge over the Ayarwaddy Bridge at Sinkhan-Bamaw (57. 81 mile (. 93. 04 km)).

Work on the building began on 16 May 2007 and the completion of the building is scheduled for 2018-2019. Seventy-one mile ('152. 42 km) as part of the Pyawbwe-Natmouk-Magwe railways. Twenty-two leagues (104. 96 km), while the other 29. A 49-mile route (47. 46 km) is still underway. The start of building was 10 November 2008, completion is planned for 2017 - 2018.

100 leagues (413. 60 km) as part of the Minbu-An-Sittway rail link to the port of Sittway. The other 203. 00 mile ('86. 90 km). 100 mile (. 326. 70 km) are still under building, one of them is Yechanbyin-Pardaleik (5. 81 mile (. 9. 35 km)). The start of building was 15 February 2009.

Other stretches awaiting budgets and contracts are Pardaleik-Kwan Taung (4. 18 mile (. 6. 73 km)) and Kyauk Taw-An- Minbu (193. One mile (. 310. 62 km)) with the hopes of completing the 2021 - 2022 traject. Fifty-one mile ('155. 32 km) as part of Pathein (Begayet) - Einme - Nyaundong Yangon (Hlaing Thayar) to provide the link between Yangon and the port of Pathein.

This section under development is Einme-Nyaungdong-Hlaingthayar (75. 76 mile (. 121. 92 km)). Work on the project began on December 1, 2009, with the expectation that it will be completed between 2017 and 2018. 09/mile (98. 31 km), while the other 35. Negotiations are still underway for 42 mile ('57. 00 km). It is also suggested to change the whole MR system from 1,000 mm to 1,435 mm (4 feet 8 1 in) normal track.

As a rule, the grid goes from east to southward with junctions to the west and northeast. There are 200 train services and 150,000 train passes sold every day. Most freight locomotives on routes without significant inclines run without train braking, as most operational carriages are cannibalized and no longer have suction-hose.

Freight train loads up to 600 tons are only slowed down by the engine and travel at a top velocity of 32 km/h (19.9 mph). When the train is particularly heavier, the front carriages are equipped with tubes for the entire journey. A new light from Myanmar.

Myanmar is importing more engines to make railway transport easier. "Railway Bazaar." "Burma province: "Myanmar update." Gazette Railway International. Development of a Myanma Railway Network to Meeting the Ministry's Requests of 23 November 2015 (PDF). Myanma Railways Ministry of Railways. Myanmar Presentation" (PDF). Department of Transport, Myanmar.

The number of cars and motorbikes is rising in Myanmar. "lndia Handing Over 18 High Quality Diesels to Myanmar". Myanmar Times.

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