Myanmar Traditional Wear

Traditional Myanmar Clothing

In general, men wear dark chess longyi while women wear colorful longyi with many different textures. The traditional men's outfits were decorated with a turban, hnyat-phanat slippers, a silk jacket embroidered with fur and a cotton shirt. Discover Khaing May Oo's Board "Myanmar Traditional dress ideas" on Pinterest. Myanmar's most unique feature is that it is a melting pot of people from different cultures and their Burmese traditional clothing. On the first day there were four shows about traditional clothing.

Wear Myanmar's traditional clothes and how do you wear them?

More and more international visitors love what kind of Myanmar costume (Longyi), a sarong-like hose made of cloth carried by both sexes. Also, the lunggyi structures vary according to sex. Men iongyi in the thin ceiling and a weaved stripe cozy in the back of the tuck, before finishing an sleek knots, females are brightly colored patterns: nice, image light toned bicolor, traditional weaving zigzag named aheiq, stripe or flower.

Females join Longyi, pull all the cloth on one side, bend back and put the hips on the other side of the waistline, usually wearing an adapted cuff only. Longyi Sewen waistline is a thin stripe of thin material that serves as a lining around the waistline cups. It helps to find out which side is on top.

Normally without undergarments, so the wearer can puke or puke humbly (Burmese style: both legs on the ground, inclusive the heel), with the bottom of the legs covered Longyi outside on the ground. You can wash it in open places and loosen the waistline, which Longyi holds with one handed, while the other handed inside with bar and watermel.

Wash the above, and in Longyi now soaking, which is attached to the waistline as normal, while the dried Longyi dragged over his skull and over Longyi soaked, the latter then let go, dropped to his heels while the new Longyi connected with. To buy traditional clothes in Myanmar, you can go to the Myanmar apparel market place, the biggest in Myanmar, to buy clothes from Myanmar.

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Longyi traditional costume from Myanmar

The traditional clothing of the humans, the Longgyi, is one of Myanmar's most icons. It looks like a rock when you wear it, but it's longer so it can even stretch over your knuckles. It can be carried by both men and indoors. A man's lungji is named Pazo, a woman's lunggyi is named HTMLein.

It is still very often carried by Myanmar residents throughout the nation, both in the rural and urban areas. It' designed for Myanmar's warm climates as it allows cooling by circulating aeration. As Burmese modernisation continues, you can see more and more street wear in denim and short, but even the more modern Burmese will still own some of them.

Varieties of the longyis can be found in India, Bangladesh and some South East Asiatic lands such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Although it can be used by both men and females, the way it is wrapped is slightly different for different sexes. Men's changing technique allows more foot movements.

In contrast, the changing technique for females does not allow so much legwork, so they have to take smaller strides, which is felt to be more suitable for mothers. The special thing about iongyi is its functionality and many-sidedness. Other than in Indonesia, where Sarong is not used as official clothing for men, Burma's Longgyi can be used for both daily and official wear, even by men.

In addition to this, it can also be used for those types of activity that require mobility, even for sporting outings. To do this, the front of the Longgyi is pulled back between the feet and stuck behind the thigh. This way the longyis turn into short pants. Men and females can swim in open areas in the countryside with their lunggyi as a shelter for humility.

The change can be done by just taking a step into a new longgyi and drop the old one. Although the colours are simple, men usually have plaid or stripe pattern. It can be carried backwards or from the inside out. However, females have a right side up, characterized by a dark ribbon named honts sin, which is for the midsection.

The designs of the ladies are much more diverse and have more bright colours. Floral designs, also known as the Czar, are ideal for weddings and graduations for them. Therefore, since it can be used for all types of events, each type of wear is suited for a particular use, dependent on the fabric type and design.

Iongyi is easy to find for sale in stores and stores. The Scott Market in Yangon is a good place for people to buy Lunggyi. Longyis are becoming increasingly popular with travellers who like to buy them as a souvenir or carry themselves while they are still in Myanmar. While visiting Myanmar, find a longgyi you like and wear it during your trips there.

Not only will you find that you fit in better with the Myanmar community, but also that the clothing is warm and cozy. Myanmar's inborn attractions are attracting more and more travellers and there is no better way to give free reign to your longing to travel than now with your first journey to Myanmar.

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