Myanmar Traditional Restaurant in Yangon

Yangon Myanmar Traditional Restaurant

Myanmar Traditional Food, Yangon (Rangoon): Local creative cuisine in our cosy room in the heart of Yangon. Do you know how to handle spicy food," the server asked me with a smile. L'Opera's authentic Italian cuisine is popular not only with expatriates and foreign visitors, but also with the people of Myanmar. Myanmar traditional food plus coffee, tea, fruit juice (sweetened with honey).

Which are the best places to eat in Yangon? While you are there, what should you try?

I would also like to suggest the traditional Myanmar cuisines and some genuine stores in the Yangon area. When it comes to genuine West food, try "Seeds", "Le planteur", "Le opera", located on University Avenue Road. The nightlife in Yangon is also a must. BBQ''Win restaurant'' and a jujito with the best quality soup and soup (about 0,8C/glass! 0MG!!!! So cheap) are one of the best games.

To chill out you should go to the "Yangon Yangon Bar" in Sule and the "4th storey of Myanmar Plaza", where there are many pubs and also a nightclub called "Fuse". Yangon all-nighter, so you have to leave before 3:00 a.m. In Myanmar you should try the famous Mohinga.

Yangon has different flavours, different decoration, different ingredients and different stores. To ensure the best hygiene and authenticity (even expensive), select it from the Rangoon Tea House on Pansodan Road. If you want a true Myanmar flavour, just go to "Oo Yay Khel" (Mr.Ice) in Insein, Oo Yay Khel St.

Healthy attitude towards Myanmar cuisine

People in houses all over Myanmar may be treated to particularly savoury meals - a hot touch that also means the guest is rich. But according to innkeeper Aung Khin, this is a great service to the country's cuisine. A grocery vet in the land, he' s been in the shop for 26 years.

A Yangon native, he began his aviation careers working for BOAC - a former British Airways incarnate - in the 1960', constantly making the kind of contact that would be valuable in the next ten years when he set up a Bangkok based business. Together with the ticket he gave a foretaste of Burma to nosy aliens at his Bangkok restaurant Mandalay - then one of the only Myanmar dinners in the town - before they crossed the borders.

While having luncheon with poultry sauerkurry, barbecued aubergines, padonmar sauce (a Padonmar kit for 6,000 kyat), he thinks about his missions. Around 400 travel agencies plan to stop in Padonmar, he says, providing a flow of clients throughout the entire outing. It is often the first stop on the journey, which means that in Padonmar - like in his old restaurant in Bangkok - visitors get their first glimpse of genuine Myanmar cooking.

It has a remarkable interiors with lavish frescoes and photos by Sonny with an exquisite blend of celebrities such as Cliff Richard and John McCain. On the upper floor, the four privately owned rooms with room for nine, 14, 30 and 35 persons each are bordered with copies of Bagan painting pagodas and other Myanmar artworks.

Padonmar Room overlooks a dead end of wooded streets and a lamppost covered patio, whose seats can be used again by 80 persons as the drying time increases. It' s almost a hundred years old, saysSony. In keeping with the English architectural styles of the end of the 19th c., the sculptured gutters of the edifice give a traditional Myanmar look.

At the end of August, Padonmar was host of the first Monsoon Myanmar Traditional food festival with 12 stands, which catered for more than 100 people. It was organised by the Myanmar Athenic Restaurateurs Group (MERG), an organisation set up about three years ago by Sonny to support small to medium-sized ethnical restaurants.

"So far our memberships are about 20 plus," says Sonny, and adds that more are anticipated to join. "They are all from Yangon and are most of the most important ethnic groups - Rakhine, Kachin, Shan. They are all quite similar but have their own styles. A Padonmar employee of 120 is serving desserts to Sonny: barbecued bananas, honeys and watermelons, a sign of the restaurant's good, basic cuisine.

The Hilsa-Fisch ( "Hilsa fish") from Myanmar's Danube area is his favourite food, which is stewed for hour until you can actually cook your bone.

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