Myanmar Traditional Meal

Burma Traditional Food

When you visit a traditional restaurant or stand in Myanmar, you get more than a meal, it should be a cooking experience. It is served with meat or fish, soup, salad and vegetables, all prepared in their own way. Bohemian Traditional Cuisine Would you like to watch this and watch this tape à nouveau plus tard ? You like this tape? You don't like this tape?

Dining in Myanmar is thrilling. The film was filmed in Aye Myit Tar, a beautiful Myanmar based Myanmar based Myanmar based cafe. Eating was about $8 each. While you probably haven't much to say about the Myanmar cuisine, I can tell you that it is very tasty and will amaze you with flavours you've never had before.

Traditional Mandalay kitchens to try out

In Myanmar, as it says: "Food is medicines and medicines are food", eating healthy, delicious and healthy is essential. Myanmar's historical capitol Mandalay offers all types of cuisine. Being a local, I don't try to go overboard with the virtue of this place, but when I find it difficult to get my own way of eating in another place or in another country, I often think: "How practical would it be if I were in Mandalay now".

In Myanmar, as it says: "Food is medicines and medicines are food", eating healthy, delicious and healthy is essential. It is a divine sensation when you long for a particular meal and happen to be in a place that offers the delicious and delicious meal you crave.

At Mandalay, where there are many tea shops that compete with well-known ones, each tea shop offers traditional dishes such as shan chaukswe (noodles), mint di (thick pasta with chickpea meal, chilli pasta and olive oils that give it the yellowness ), wohinga (rice pasta and seafood soup), no chaukswe (pasta in coir milk) and mee ehay ( "rice pasta with ingredients").

There is Daw Taw mint di in Mandalay. It was opened about three years ago near Strand Road in the west of the town. You would not be struck by the appearance of the temp store, but the courts would be gobbled up at 10 a.m. due to the great interest of the guests.

You can order either Latin (medium size pasta ) or Ni Goyi (large pasta ) salads, as well as sand piar (flat pasta ) and ordinary pasta in the Monday di store. Ingredients going in monts di includes roasted bovine meat curry, feather back fisch chop, hen and its gut, delicate bones and belly.

There' are more than enough strings of poultry and four or five feathered steaks of cod in a dish with Monts Di. When it is not palatable enough, the necessary quantities of Seeyet ( "fried onion " macerated in oil), roasted onion and peas meal can be used. Delicious broth with a sugary taste that goes well with Monta di has a large quantity of feather fry, wheat swiss (a kind of vegetables similar to a large rose handle) and cilantro.

And wolverines would be happy to have a dish of Monta di that only cost 1500 K! In order to satisfy the appetite and the gustatory nerves morning or evening, a good recommendation would be Shwe Let Yar Mahingahop. The store is also three decade-old and has four stores in the town.

The store specialises in mullet sauce, and according to its proprietors the whitefish is chosen with care so that it does not stink of aquatic herbs or rubble. Everyone who visits this store will ask for more syrup that is tasty enough and has a sweet, abundant taste of it. You can also select what to go with - feather-back pork chop, hen's eggs, duck's eggs and chickpeas boiled in mullet sauce.

Throughout Mandalay there are many renowned boutiques like the Massachusetts street and Ba Htoo grounds. However, Maung Thein is the one who would replace the others. The store is on 71 st, between 32 and 33 th avenues.

Started a century ago, the favourite part of the meal is sop. You can select poultry or pig flesh yay and it would go well with a large amount of meats, along with choosing the right amount of chilli dressing, beanpaste, ground cloves of garden beans, kidney beans, kidney yay (liquid starch) and a kidney knuckle (fried bread stick).

It is open until 11am, a large portion costs K1000 and a small K700. Although these stores in Mandalay do not have appealing facilities, the flavour of the dishes they serve is notable.

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