Myanmar Traditional Lady Dress

Burma Traditional Women's Dress

African Dress, Myanmar Dress Design, Kebaya, Asian Ladies. My Fashion, African Fashion, African Beauty, African Fashion, Burmese Girls, Traditional Wedding Dresses, Traditional Weddings, Burma Myanmar, My Fashion, Dress Designs. These clothes are the traditional clothes for men and women. The traditional costumes of Myanmar consist of two sets, one for men and one for Burmese women. Girls wear traditional Myanmar outfits at a fashion event.

New traditional styles and revitalization

Traditional Myanmar fashions have been revived by traditional designers thanks to better materials and new design that combine well with modern style. "In recent years, the number of individuals who wear traditional clothes because of our creativity has increased," says Sann Bawk Rar, proprietor of Shayi, a Yangon fashions store.

Part of the rise in her business is due to the efforts since 2006 to create traditional jackets and jackets that go well with denim and give girls the chance to combine new and old designs, the artist said. A further explanation is the Department of Higher Education's choice to make it compulsory for college graduates to use traditional clothing during their stay on college campuses.

A number of our college graduates also wore these outfits. "It unleashed the creativity of young fashion fans and made young girls dress in Ht Tamain (Longyi for women) and yein telephone aingyi in a two-row blouse," said Sann Bawk Rar. Designers Kaung Myat believe that the resurgence of interest in traditional style is also due to better fabric and more comforts.

"Traditional clothing was revitalized by high-quality wovens and nice design from Chaik," she said, referencing the favourite material. Even though it has always been used in wedding and festive wear, it can also be used in day-to-day design, as it is pleasant in warm weathers.

Designers OUTJOBS is also using chaich in her work. "Solid materials like Thai-silk and big chaiik lonyi (made of colorful thread and carried by Myanmar ladies for particular occasions) are not convenient and the thick fabric limits freedom of movement," she said. Some of the base styles are yein telephone aingyi, naaut Khwwae aingyi with open back and latpaung aingyi with large sleeves, not to speak of shirts that wrinkle at the front and are especially loved by young people.

Customers often demand a style that is exactly what they have seen in the movies of celebrity actors. "Most of the actors come here to find traditional costumes they've seen in movies. Supporters then dress in the fashions of their favorite actress, which helps bring traditional clothing back into fashion," she added. An issue with traditional costumes like the nin telephone is that young folks connect them with older mothers.

The use of alternatives, however, is proven to be efficient in winning young talent for the work. "Recently, when qiffon and jayjet (a very thin scarf like sari) were available in a range of lovely colors, paisleys and flower samples, fashioners began sewing traditional clothing with jayjet because the material is light, less expensive and convenient in warm weathers.

It is better for youth than a traditional weave like chaik," says Thu Swe. "I am wearing my nuptial ceremony or when I have an engagement with prestigious senior citizens, which makes me more ripe, but also more secure and courteous.

Conventional clothing is never careless and can even deserve the respects of others," she added. However, the number of females wearing traditional clothing from top to bottom is still restricted, as many females prefer to mix the use of traditional clothing with fashionable jackets or overalls. Sann Bawk Rar's new interest in Myanmar fashions is linked to the increasing international visibility of fashions, particularly through the yearly BIFF & BIL fashions in Bangkok, which is attracting design talent from ASEAN member states.

"When we were in 2007 when we were asked to the ASEAN Traditional Costume Fair, the designer demanded a greater output of high value textiles and silks..... from then on many high value textiles were produced and the number of those interested in traditional costume has blossomed," she said.

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