Myanmar Traditional Food Restaurant

Traditional Myanmar Cuisine Restaurant

The Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant - Everything You Want & More. Celebrate at Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant, Yangon, Myanmar.

Best ethnical restaurants in Yangon

Burma is a land where 135 different ethnical groups with different cultural, traditional and living styles are living. I would like to show you the best ethnical food in Yangon, which you can find in Yangon. A lot of folks are recommending Shan Yoe Yar Restaurant. There are breakfasts, deserts and all types of shan food.

Min Lan MontHte (Burmese term) is a renowned traditional Rakhine restaurant in Yangon. Rakhine Restaurant serves Rakhine food, sea food and traditional Myanmar cuisine. The Rakhine Mont Hte is a must in this restaurant. Food is usually hot. Restaurants are open in Innyar Kan Baung, SanChaung and Parami.

I' d like to run the Sha Yi Restaurant for those who love Kachin food. You' ll be able to taste more than 50 meals prepared by Kachin Cuisine way for health. The Kachin bird is the restaurant's renowned meal. There is also a specific beverage known as Kachin Sapi. For those who want to taste the traditional Mon cuisine, JANA Mon is the best Mon restaurant in Yangon.

The Myanmar Times voted it the best restaurant of 2016. The restaurant's signature is Thingyan Rice and Mawlamyaing Mont Hin Khar. I' ve never seen a Kayan restaurant before. Fortunately we found out that the new Kayan Restaurant in Yangon has opened. We suggest Kayan sausage, cucumber lettuce and Khaung Yay (Kayan cocktail).

They don't have to go to the town of Waw to try the food. Now the genuine restaurant is open on Bo Myat Htun Rd. in Yangon. Wu traditional drink is very recommendable for those who like to drink.

The Traditional Food

Usually a tablespoon is supplied with your meal, but if not, use the same tablespoon for the pot. It is regarded as impolite to drink broth from the dish, but you can see some of the natives eat with their palms, as is customary in Southeast Asia. There are many variations of traditional food throughout the whole countryside.

Mohinga is one of the most common, often consumed for breakfasts; thin or plain pasta made with a piece of seafood or in powdered beans, when fresh water is not easy to get. The other traditional meal, often drunk at festivals, is Ohno-khauk-swe, made with pasta in the traditional way and consumed with chickens in a coconut-based sauces.

Favourite snack are fried and stewed ricecakes wound in handmade bananas, various vegetable beignets ( "tempura") and oil-marinated "lepet" tealeaves with prawns, cloves, garlic und lemonseed. Mandalay Restaurant at Belmond Governor's Residence; a high-class dining event loved by visitors, expatriates and prosperous people.

"There are several shops, and " Feel Myanmar Food " in Dagon has one of the better atmosphere and is a favourite with residents and foreigners. Mandalay Restaurant in the Governor's Residence and calmer than "Feel Myanmar Food", the National Restaurant provides guests with a good choice of good food and accommodation.

Yangon and Mandalay have many different places to dine. China's most popular restaurant, but thanks to 4-5 stars and an increasing number of international food markets, almost every food type can be found. These include Indian, French, Italians, Japans and classical US / Europe dishes that can be enjoyed in various places such as sport clubs and tappas-bears.

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