Myanmar Traditional Food Recipes

Traditional Myanmar Food Recipes

the author of Burma's award-winning food blog Lime and Cilantro. E-mail subscription: Don't miss any new recipes, please subscribe to an e-mail. Mohinga is the national dish! Like most dishes in Myanmar, it is served with spices.

Burma Mohinga (fish soup with rice noodles)

Mohinga is the nation's special! It' a fish-based broth seasoned with an oil and then spoon over a pasta. Like most Myanmar cuisine, it is spiced. So you can prepare the meal to your taste, more chilli pasta, more seafood sauces, more limes, more coriander.......... you get the notion.

Myanmar nationwide food is a tasty kind of broth, perfect for breakfasts, lunches or dinners! Cook for 10 min. until the seafood is done. Take the seafood out of the frying pans and when it is cold enough, peele it and shell it.

Strain the broth through a strainer and make a reservation for the broth. Crush the onions, chilli, lemon grass and gingerbread in a mixer and mallet. Warm the sauerkraut in a pan and put in the bulb mixture. Mix the prawn pastes with a wood spatula. Boil for another min until they smell, then put in the flak.

Cover, cover and let cool for 10-15 min. For the preparation of the broth, place the bouillon mixture, the powdered rices, the reserved seafood in a large casserole. Stir and let it cool so that the ricepowder does not clout. Fold in the bananas or the bananas blossoms and let them soften for 30 mins.

Season to taste by adding the sauces. For serving, place a fistful of boiled pasta in a dish and scoop over the noodle. percent daily figures are calculated on a 2000-calorie diets.

Shan State Myanmar secret recipes and more food

The Yangon Evening Program, Shwedagon Pagoda, and Chinatown's 19 Street, home of barbecue and all types of ricepack. It is a funny way to discover the town, beginning with a tour of a lookout point with a view of the bustling Irawaddy River Fishmarket. Afterwards, we head to the bustling Yadanar Night Fair with traditional sweets before we head to one of the most renowned breweries and grill bars in the former imperial town.

He will order the food and make sure everyone is happy. At about 8.30 pm the outstanding Mandalay puppet theatre show begins with a mixture of traditional performers, singers and musician. For those who wish to fully enjoy the Myanmar cuisine, we can also arrange a cookery course in conjunction with a tour of Lake Inle.

Travellers are welcomed to a lakefront house to cook a full lunch, accompanied by Burma's htamine Jin, the unmistakable speciality of one-legged fishermen from Myanmar. Shaan cooking is renowned for its sophisticated flavour. The route begins with the cook bringing the travellers to the open air markets to select products to take back to the cooks.

It' a good idea to activate some of Shan's secrets and have an aperitif and a tasty dinner. Please use the following information request for more information about our culinaric trips, cookery courses and bookings.

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