Myanmar Traditional Food Photo

Traditional Myanmar cuisine photo

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Photography of food in Myanmar

The Myanmar kitchen is varied and abound. Not only can the photographer visit the famous sights such as the Ubein Bridge or the fantastic sundown in Bagan, he can also attend a food photographer's work-show. Mixed veggies - health food from Burma. Garnish at every dinner table - a mixture of saisonal veggies.

Teasalad - a favourite meal is only available in Burma ! When you are looking for an accompanied food processing seminar, please do not hesistate to do so. managed by award-winning professional photography team with customized features;

Work through this | The Myanmar Times

Myanmar Times chief of chefs has found that more and more prepared food is entering grocery stores and has developed some policies to overconsume. Today, Myanmar has a wider choice of food than ever before. US fruit, Australia veggies, Europe's meats and milk produce, Italy's pasta and dressings are all on the Myanmar grocery store shelf, where new food and ingredient arrives every wee.

In the meantime, you can find everywhere gastronomic establishments from all over the globe. We also cultivate the café tradition, and our traditional tea shops are complemented by our contemporary cafes. The food tendencies are thrilling and overpowering. No wonder more and more Myanmar households are deciding to prepare home cooked food from mergers from around the globe.

They watch cookery shows on TV and read food journals. Admire online and online and the kitchen is positive and vibrant. But among all the thrilling new food, I have also seen a large amount of food that has been prepared and conserved on grocery store shelf.

In Myanmar, there is still little knowledge of the effects of sugars, salts, preservatives and dietary supplements, and there is not yet enough information about their risks - during their growth. In order to maintain a healthful lifestyle and a nutritional diet, we must be cautious. Below are some hints for a happy and better diet.

Packed foodstuffs contain a high salinity to ensure a longer storage time. In order to thin the resulting savoury flavour, additional sugars are added. Whilst salts and sugars can produce delicious aromas, excessive intake is unhealthful. An easy way to reduce the amount of salts and sugars in your food is to make a sauce at home instead of purchasing finished products.

While I was living in Australia, I kept cookin' a lot of Myanmar, Shan and Rakhine. Last year when I came back to Myanmar, I longed for genuine food. At Yangon, my man and I went to many places, but we found that the food was too cute.

We then began to understand the high levels of sodium monoglutamate (MSG) in some of the food we ate. I tolerated the flavor-enhancing food supplement. But because I like to eat out, I ate it from and to. However, nowadays my MSG can no longer be tolerated by my organism, so I always ask that it not be included in my diet.

MSG is used in almost every Myanmar kitchen. When Myanmar residents got used to MSG, they found that they could no longer survive without MSG and added more and more to everything. Poultry powders are a nice choice for cookers who want to add a little bit more flavor, but it is important to select a label that does not contain MSG or candy.

When you decide on one with sugars, you don't need to put any more sugars in your curry or lettuce. Myanmar food has a long history of traditional Myanmar food products, with prescriptions that have been handed down from one generations to the next. We have not used MSG in our food for hundreds of years. However, when MSG was launched in Myanmar, we tried to change our traditional recipes:

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