Myanmar Traditional Dress for man

Burmese Traditional Dress for Men

Vièsledek obrázku pro myanmar dress trunk. The costumes of Myanmar are really different from those of other countries. It is not only how to wear Longyi, but also the pattern is different for men and women. Bamar men prefer the costume of a traditional jacket, a shirt without collar and longyis. Throughout Myanmar's Travels & Tours you will learn that there are differences in dress between Shan and Kayah men in terms of loose trousers.

You can be proud of the traditional costume of Myanmar.

It is therefore our obligation to protect our patrimony by all means, e.g. at weddings, instead of using clothes from abroad, the bridegroom and the newlyweds should dress in their traditional outfits. All of Myanmar's traditional clothing shows should take place in many parts of our land so that both teenagers and overseas can see how pretty, appealing and stylish Myanmar's traditional clothing is and how much it fits the local people.

Each country has its own traditional dress.

Each country has its own traditional dress. Myanmar, our beloved dress is "Longyi". For a long and long the Myanmar people have all worn Myanmar Longgyi with pride and it is ours. There are eight ethnical groups "Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bama, Mon, Rakine, Shan", which are further divided into 136 groups and all have their own costumes.

Zig-zag is customary in Bama Longyi, Chin Iongyi is known for different colours (Photo2-1, 2-2). Predilection might be different, but I have many local longyi among them Kayin longyi my boyfriend bought for me when she went to Kayin State (Photo3).

In fact, we always find out about the uniqueness of Longgyi when we are travelling to different countries and areas. In schools, at the offices, at home, in our free times and while celebrating - we always carry them. Some of our iongyi colours and patterns are classified as appropriate for a particular event. Pupils and instructors, for example, are wearing simple dyed-in-the-wool longgyi and nurses are wearing simple dyed-in-the-wool longgyi uniforms.

Modernised designs and patterns are for recreation and party. There are also many special words for Bongyi, e.g. achaké is a special zig-zag and tsar is a floral motif to be worn at the marriage and closing ceremonies (Photo4). Many stores and stores sell longyis and it is easy for them to buy (Photo5).

Longgyi is so important in Myanmar's world. There' s no problem carrying Lungeyi, there are not many footsteps. It is only for females and slightly different for males (Figure 1). It is not only how to carry longgyi, but also the patterns are different for men and females. There is also a distinction, as one calls everyone named Longgyi, between " Htamein " and " Pasoe ".

Furthermore, only the feminine Longgyi has a small scarf named "Ah Htet Sin" at the top. I' m sure she has at least three sentences of Lunggyi. and when we go to a pagoda. But I also love westerly clothing, but I usually vote for iongyi.

I' m more at ease and smarter when I' m wearing it. When you' re wearing a Myanma shirt and stola (this is "one set"), you will surely look like a Myanmar queen. As soon as you are in Myanmar, I would kindly suggest that you carry it for a while and you will have it.

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