Myanmar Traditional Dress for Girl

Traditional Myanmar dress for girls

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Presentation of Myanmar's traditional costumes on the occasion of Women's Day in Myanmar

The most popular site of the last week on the YL Myanmar FB site: Presentation of Myanmar's traditional costume for the Myanmar Women's Day of Khin Lay. During" In-create traditional design" the suits were designed by the creator May Myat War So and modelled by Star & Model Int'l Model. Combining Myanmar ethnical clothing with the latest fashions made the styles truly original.

Everybody knows that in Myanmar ethnical clothing is more costly than anyone else and everyone likes it. Besides the Myanmar ethnical costume, the Myanmar bridal gowns were also presented. Myanmar Marriage Dress and the Nude of Traditional Knotting", designer Myo Min Soe's costume and jewellery by Ngwe Htee Thone Lat were on show during the show.

Presenting Myanmar's traditional marriage in detail, with a ceremonial director, a marriage vocalist, a floral girl and appropriate family. The make-up and make-up of the girls were designed by make-up artists Khin San Win, May Oo Maung ("Taw Win Thu") and Kyaw Moe. However much fashions are changing, the Myanmarans cannot alter their own traditions and ancients.

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Myanmar's traditional fashion choice remains in place

Myanmar's choice of men and woman quickly catches the attention of every tourist to this South East Asiatic state. The majority of females, regardless of their ages, decorate their cheek with a striking yellowish-white pastry namedanaka. Men and young people sometimes use bark-based cosmetics, but they are distinguished above all by their type of clothing: the two-metre long, cylindrically imprinted scarf wraped around the hind.

Females also carry Longyis in flowerier styles than men and put the knots to the side on a dark collar, while the boys tied a lump at the front. Even in January, the coolest of months, both the Longgyi and the Tanaka seem to be well adapted to the lowlands of the land, where the average temperatures are 25° C. The weather is very cold.

But, at a timeframe when Myanmar's politically and economically opening is making West European style accessible to the crowds, will the country's singular vogues last? This is not where all modern tradition has its origins. A relatively new imported product that became quite common during the UK colonisation, the Longgyi is said to have been imported by South Indian migrants, although it also looks like a traditional Malaysian casual casket.

Usually made from the wooden poplar the ancient story of thinaka is said to have been used by Burmese woman for more than 2,000 years as an anti-septic to combat spots and cure sores. So, I kept carrying thiraka. "The 25-year-old hawker said she doesn't use any other make-up or lotion because her hide is hypoallergenic to other people' s skincare products.

May Myat Warso, who designed the clothes, claims that because of the warm climate, "Thanaka is unique for Myanmar's human skins and gives us a cool effect. "She said she has to put on make-up from the West for her work, but: "I always put on thanakas when I come home.

" Theanaka is now on sale in glasses and vials, but many still choose to make their own. Usually Apply thinaka in a circle on the cheek, but some people are more classy by making designs with complicated sheet templates. 22-year-old salesgirl Kha Yay notices a trend reversal at the bar of the Mon Cosmetics Shop in Yangon's Yuzana Plaza: "Most teens now wear madeup.

A few carry it with Theanaka. "Although she does sell westerly cosmetic, her cheek is thinaka - with a scent similar to that of sandal wood. Aung Zin runs a counterfeit Levi's and other counterfeit Chinese denims on the ground level below the beauty boutique in Yuzana Plaza.

At about $20 each, the trousers are only slightly more costly than the traditional hand-woven trousers from Longyi, which are now mostly purchased in the mall. "We' re still wearing.... Bongyi for particular events, such as temple visits, so we' ll never let it go," says the Jeansstore Manger. Mung Maung, one level below the denim outlet, agrees.

He' the proprietor of the second Mya Nilar Longgyi Shop. "As for me, I think I'm freer in Longgyi than in a pair of trousers or overalls. The Longgyi are particularly suitable for the Myanmar region. That' s why most men here like to carry Longyi," he said. "in Myanmar for the last 10 years.

I always thought Lungeyi would vanish. But so far they haven't and they'll stay like our traditional clothes forever. "His stores also sell longysilk borne for soirees. Designers May Myat Warso of the Happy Heart Fashion House said she finds men more attractively dressed in London.

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