Myanmar Traditional Dress

Burmese Traditional Dress

Longyi, one of Myanmar's most iconic images, is the traditional clothing of the people. Myanmar's "longyi", a sarong-like undershirt, is an integral part of Myanmar's national dress, which is worn by both men and women. One of the most famous and typical costumes of Myanmar. However, clothing remains the biggest change in Myanmar fashion lately. The majority of nations have their own clothes and Myanmar is no different.

The Myanmar wearing traditional clothes Events

Every land, every national has a traditional look that reflects its own cultures, customs and way of life. Whereas the traditional dress of Vietnam is Ao Dai (long dress), of Thailand is Phasin, of the Philippines is Baro'tSaya......, is the traditional dress of Myanmar Longchy- taipon. Myanmar's traditional folk attire shows many of the many cultures and personality characteristics of this land, which is different and different and leaves a very powerful impressio n in the heart of the tourist who visits Myanmar.

The traditional Myanmar traditional dresses are made up of two kits, one for men and one for Myanmaras. Men's traditional dress is Longchy (sewing trousers and trousers ), perfect in combination with the Taipon shirts or jackets (traditional clothing). One interesting thing is that the man's dress was strapless and bound with a single surgery; therefore, they often have to adapt the coat if they move around incessantly.

The traditional dress of Myanmar woman is Thummy. The Thummy is similar to the dress of Laos or Thailand. Myanmar men and men are both wearing flip-flops. In addition to traditional costumes, Myanmar residents often dress in traditional Myanmar in Western costumes, and when they are wearing a suit, they are wearing them. Generally men carry brown chess board iongyi, while females carry multicolored iongyi with many different textures.

It is associated with all types of clothing, from T-shirts, blouses, coats to overalls. Traditional clothing is only used in other nations on specific occasion and at local festivities. But Myanmar's traditional dresses are used every single working night, because they are a kind of comfy and lively dress and are very well suited for the warm climate of this area.

Manipulating the traditional attire of Myanmar residents is very straightforward; therefore, they are easily taken off and undressed when needed in daily living. More interestingly, if necessary, these traditional outfits can be hoisted up to become a "raincoat," the sunshirt.... or used as a sturdy base for Myanmar woman to wear goods (fruits, ripsacks, food) without having to hold them with her hand.

We can see that the population in Myanmar is euphoric not only in terms of clothing but also in terms of lifestyles. Myanmar, or Myanmar woman, seldom reconcile, even on specific occasions. By the time a tourist comes to Myanmar, they will certainly feel that this is a humble, narrow country and that the local population is very sincere and kind.

To go to Myanmar, to wear their traditional costumes, to talk to the humans, I am sure that you will like them and have a good impressio.

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