Myanmar Traditional Dishes

Traditional Myanmar Dishes

Which are some traditional dishes from Myanmar? I have never seen any other crop that eats lettuce with lettuce. Tealeaf lettuce - may contain leaves of leaves of green grass (pickled), crunchy baked ground coffee leaves, shrimps, fresh tomatoes and onions. Sprinkle with spoonfuls of seaweed, lemon, seafood sauté and olive oils to enhance the aroma.

Here's a picture of a lettuce of tealeaf. Shan Hills farm tealeaves are available in various kinds of receptacles (bamboo, small wood crates or synthetic containers). While some are untreated and almost crude, others may already be in oils and slightly salty.

It can also contain a shot of lemon, chilli or other spices, but never to overwhelm the taste of the herbs. We use all kinds of baked crusty coffee-bean. A few are doubly fritted to eliminate any trace of humidity that makes them crisp and gives the mixture textur.

Dehydrated shrimp can be of any desired height, they are usually eaten as such. Increasingly wealthy homes will use dry shrimp up to 5-10 cm in height. Shrimp are replaced by cheap dry cod at the roadside lettuce stands. Pickling the lettuce with maize seeds, marinated veal (by-product of the production of lettuce oil) can differ according to flavour and tradition of the families.

Different dishes that have a similar concept/texture but are still unique in Myanmar: other types of lettuce (we make almost everything into salads): They include tomatoes, vegetables, rice, fiscuit, kale, pamalo, pasta ), monhingya (noodles in soups made of seafood, beans, bananas - yes, the stem of a bankanum, it is good for fibre), curried dishes (not unlike local Currys, but we use less spices and more oil) and coconuts ( "coconut milky broth").

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