Myanmar Traditional Clothes

Traditional Myanmar Clothing

Traditional Burmese dress for men. Vysledek obrázku pro myanmar dress trunk. Myanmar's costumes are truly different from those of other countries. Most of the traditional house is made of bamboo. In most countries of the world their traditional costumes are worn only on special occasions or festivals.

Touring Myanmar to find traditional clothing attractive

Myanmar traditional costume is "longyi" (sarong) together with " and Mongolia a few hundred years ago..... When the King of Anawyatha took the leadership in the Indian war, he simultaneously returned the tradition and culture of that land to Myanmar. you' ll find that there are discrepancies in the traditional Shan and Kayah men costume with regard to lose pants.

Shan' pants have Shan is terra cotta, pale bay, grey or dark grey, while Kayah's are all dark. Traditional "Longyis" is 2 metres long and is made from the fabric of an incomplete piece of clothing or canvas. In order to make the trip to Myanmar memorable, you can ask the locals to help you collect the front of this traditional "Longyi" to make two brief length of fabric, and they will help you turn these length to half a node by sticking one end at the hip and the other sticking out of the noose.

The pants of the men of Shaan are bound in the same way as those of the Kayah men with "longyi". The men in Kayah, Bamar, Kachin, Mon and Rakhine usually put on a traditional jacket - "teik -pon" - with their "eingyi". Men from Kayin and Chin, however, are wearing a long gown, not a "tie button".

The half-length "longyis" of Bamiar woman mostly has plain colours with floral printings as well as many different designs. The traditional "longyi" for a woman can be "acheig". The" longyi" is in the color of the central pedestal, with partially striped on and in the shape of very small diamond.

Both Kayin and Kayah "longyis" are decorated with horiz. horizontally striped in the color either blue or amber. When you want to try out these traditional Myanmar clothes during your trips, you can ask the Kayah ladies for help, they can help you to tie the clothes in a nice way, along with a long ribbon in front of them at the hip.

The" longyi" contains either vertically or horizontally striped in the center. Kachin "Longyi", known as " manav ", is available in different colours either pink or amber. They usually wore detached stick straps and used two garments to bind their thighs. Kachin "eingyi"'s only colour is dark and looks very appealing, it is definitely a good idea to try it on during your Myanmar trips, as it is decorated with various types of sterling silver. 2.

Kayin girls use a long gown named "thin-dai", which is adorned with many sutures. "The" ingyis of Bamar, Rakhine, Mon, Kayah, Chin and Shan look alike. Based on the experience in Burma trips one can see that Kayah wives use a traditional cloth on the "Eingyi".

Bamar, Mon and Rakhine girls put a scarf on their backs. Right from the beginning we have set ourselves the goal of providing environmentally friendly trips that are beneficial to both the traveller and the family.

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