Myanmar Township List

Township List of Myanmar

The townships are the third level administrative units in Myanmar. Hlaing Tharyar Municipality League for Democracy, which helps to collect the electoral roll. Statistical tables list . The townships are the subject of fighting between the Burmese military and armed insurgents. agrgri-food production, drip and sprinkler systems for farms, Nyaungyan village, Thazi Township, Mandalay Division, Myanmar.

Voters' list in Hlaing Thar township manipulated with fears

Electoral rolls published and publicly posted for the second consecutive month have created a scare in the township of Taryar, where at least 250,000 votes are lacking, according to appeals sent to the electoral committee. "Although the committee said they are doing everything to put the remainder of the name on the electoral roll, we are not happy with their work," said U Than Myint, chairman of the National League for Democracy in and around Tharyar Township, who is assisting in collecting the electoral roll.

Yangon's densely populated outskirts of industry are a centre of oppositions and also full of inhabitants who make the electoral rolls more difficult: local immigrants, occupiers and tempehouses. More than 680,000 inhabitants live in the township of Tharyar, about half of whom, according to the population survey, live on illegal properties that are neither property nor leased.

Yet the latest electoral list contains only 291,369 township voters, according to U Thein Soe, chairman of the township electoral committee. The electoral list, however, is on the basis of the composition for the 1990 elections and must therefore be amended to mirror the volatile populations working in the factory in the developed area, according to NLD township chairman U Than Myint.

Through the Yangon Regional Electoral Commission's mid-August census, the town has gathered 300,000 immigrant and squatter whose name has been included on the computerized electoral roll. Others claim that the Earl is very brief; in the township of Tharyar alone there are almost 400,000 immigrant and squatting people.

"We are seriously worried that more than 200,000 constituents will be unscrupulously removed from the list," said U Yin Aung, a National Democratic Force nominee denying a place in the community of Mr Tharyar. The electoral committee should work with them to include the lack ing name, as local governments have more recent notes of temp budgets, immigrants and occupants.

As Shein, a voluntary leader taking an initiative to ensure votings for the squatters who live near the Mee Khwet Square, said his efforts to help revise the abridged list have been hit with paper-presses. However, there has been a lack of such documents for migrants, seasons and temporarily resident people, according to Township Committee Office's Mr Thein Soe.

However, he reassured the township's immigrant and squatter that they would not forfeit their right to vote. 61 nominees from 16 different factions are competing in the township of Tharyar.

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