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We have real advantages for group trips (new for us). U.S. dollars are accepted in many places and are easy to exchange. We' re also looking for an agent to help us on our trip this summer.

You can also send us a tailor-made travel enquiry free of charge. Myanmar will give you an impression of ancient Asia.

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Her extensive trip on our mystic Myanmar tours, formerly known as our Burma tours, begins this night with your wide-body trip to Asia. Landing in Yangon (Myanmar). In the evenings arriving in Yangon (Rangoon), the pulsating city of Myanmar. The Yangon is located in the fruitful valley of the south of Myanmar, on the broad Yangon River.

In 1885 Yangon became the capitol when the British ended the conquests of Upper Burma and Mandalay's short term as the capitol of the last state. Yangon Hotel or similar. The excitement of your trip to Burma comes to an end when you arrive in the USA.

You will depart from the USA to Burma and back with Korea Air. Arrival at the departing airfield is required at least 3 1/2 hrs before your planned time. For a minimum of 3 hrs ½ They must be in possession of a pass with at least 6 month from the date of arrival and at least one empty page (change and confirmation pages cannot be used to meet this requirement).

An additional entry permit is necessary for Myanmar (Burma). You can obtain a residence permit directly at the Myanmar Embassy: (202) 332-3344, 332-4350 or 332-4352 or Citizens of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Jamaica must obtain visas from the Myanmar Permanent Mission in New York.

The New York Missions can be reached at (212) 744-1271, 744-1275 or 744-1279 or by e-mail at As an alternative, we have set up a Visasistance-Service, "CIBT", for a processing charge. In case you do not have computer login, please ask CIBT to send you a request for registration.

You can call CIBT at 1-800-406-1523 if you have any queries about getting your visas. Please also be aware that the process may be subject to changes at any given moment. Please contact CIBT for more information at www.cibt. It is recommended that you request your visas at least 60 working nights before depart. Although you may find on line that a visas is possible "on arrival", we strongly advise against applying for the visas before depart.

IMPORTANT: A cover letter to the Embassy of Myanmar and a route will be sent to you approximately 60 nights before your depart. These letters contain the address and phone number of the hotel and country manager in Burma. These must be presented together with your request for a visas.

You will receive your flight ticket 10 - 7 working nights before your planned flight date together with the latest instructions and some extra itineraries. Vaccinations are NOT currently necessary; however, we recommend that you contact your family doctor or your regional healthcare authority to obtain their recommendations, which include anti-malaria medications. Myanmar's climate is tropic.

I' d strongly suggest a trip to Myanmar. This information package states that Visa is the only approved credit or debit cards and is not very widespread. Indeed, Visa and Mastercard were approved at all properties and most retailers. Currency was only needed in diners, hawkers and the like. Wearing WAY more money than necessary.

It' a great outing and we'd suggest it. Hello Robert - many thanks for the extensive and well thought-out feed-back, and we are so happy that you had a "great trip" and would "recommend" it.

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