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Diu, I apologise for taking so long to get back to you. I had a great journey in Myanmar. Also the tourist leaders were very kind. The guidebooks in Bagan and Inle Lake may talk a little better, but I was ready to answer all my queries.

This was definitely a great journey and I have now recommended Myanmar to all my boyfriends and my mates. After the Myanmar tours I returned to the Philippines and only now I have returned to the USA. I' d like you to know that we really had a very nice part of our visit to Myanmar.

Sightseeing was excellent and the leaders were very competent and alert to our needs. Thank you for giving us a top qualitiy trip to Myanmar. He took us to the medicinal herb gardens near Mt Popa, where the specialist of the gardens showed us the gardens and the use.

Indeed, it was a very instructive, as well as culturally and socially, we had. Honestly, dear Diu, the journey was magnificent. It was a great time enjoying the leaders and the shelters. Burma is a beautiful land and we were glad to have seen its beautiful places of interest and its beautiful population. Myanmar's 11-day Myanmar journey went very well.

I and my boyfriend were free to explore the places and relax thanks to your good route and the great services of all the native guide and driver. After being there and realizing the warmth and peculiarities of the area, I would consider anyone who is not a survivor on their first trips to Myanmar to schedule them.

I would not hesistate to refer your business. I would like to praise your Yangon leader Joe (Mr. Zaw Min Oo) in particular. Diu, the journey was magnificent, but the leader in Heho - Inle has just finished and has not explained very well and has not done enough work to find out anything about it.

Otherwise all packages were great and my missus and I were very satisfied with the route and the hotel and rooms and guide in Bagan and Mandalay. To commemorate her fiftieth anniversary, I purchased her a beautiful Mogok Ruby necklace to remind me of the journey.

Diu, I wanted to tell you that we had a great stay in Myanmar. and they were nice folks. I' d like to thank you for everything you have done to make our journey instructive, entertaining and rewarding. Sincerely yours, Diu Tran, Everything was great, we love Myanmar and the group.

All we have is a less positive view of the standard of Mr. Min Spanish (although he is a nice person) and of Inle Lake (for 15 years). Thirty we are in the motel, that was beautiful, and there was no other way to do it). It was all great and we were looking forward to returning to the area next year.

We' re having a good one. Inle Lake and Bagan our guide was especially well educated and alert. Yours faithfully, the journey was awesome. Most of the leaders were very good. Inle Lake's last one didn't spoke very good English, but we did it. All in all, we liked the way the route was organised and carried out and we would strongly advise everyone.

So you all know we're having fun on our 12-day Myanmar trip. She was an outstanding tourist and thanks to her everything went well. Wouldn't mind coming back and trying more of your south-east tours. I' ll let you know that I had the best times in Myanmar and can't owe any part of the trip, except not long enough, so I will be planning to come back within the next 18-month.

During the 10 day route I was able to see and attend many places without being rash. Every leader in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Kalaw/Inle Lake was very kind, polite and well-informed. You were open to answers to the many and varied queries I asked, and each leader had his or her own way of communicating information about his or her own area or the world.

Very passionately pan about Bagan and Nyi Nyi very fun and interested in some of our Australian lang-learn. The riders were all cautious on the heavily trafficked streets and I never felt insecure. It is only a short answer to such a beautiful journey, but I wanted to let you know how thankful I was for organizing and organizing the route and the encounter with the Myanmar population.

I' ll be in contact in the near term when I schedule my next stay in Myanmar. Thank you to everyone who took part in my beautiful journey and let 2014 bring good luck and well being! We' had a great run in Myanmar. The Panorana town in Yangon was fine, except that on the 7th storey right next to our room the house's service staff were sleeping on the attic.


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