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Burma Tours & Travels. S a Ba Street Food Tours Yangon (Rangoon). Now we have expanded our tour operation and will do free walks in Yangon, Myanmar. Dive into the beautiful scenery, the delicious food and the warm people of Myanmar by exploring them by bike. From Yangon, this bike tour returns.

Myanmar Yangon Mandalay InLe Lake 8 days trip. Viet Nam & Indochina Travel

We offer you an 8-day Myanmar sightseeing trip incl. accomodation, transportation and English language tourist guides. Visit Yangon, Mandalay and InLe Lake. "Mingalabar' - Welcome to Myanmar at the airfield. Following your breakfasts at the Yangon Inn, get to know Myanmar's history and get to know the country's history and people.

First, we head to Pansoedan Street, renowned for the most spectacular Yangon city colonies. Afterwards you will return to your accommodation for a quick stop to pick up your baggage and head to the bus station where you will be checking in at 9 pm for your International Standard Express Coach with Aircon to Mandalay.

We stop at one of the sights in Myanmar, the Shwedagon Pagoda, on the way to the bus sta. Explore a truly one-of-a-kind marketplace that will give you an impression of how important Buddhism is to everyday living in Myanmar. Your tour leader will take you to the bus terminal near the bus terminal for supper before you get into the express coaches.

The Express Coach's training takes a little over 8hrs. The express car stops in the good and neat restaurant, for dinner and refreshments for 2x. Upon your check-in in Mandalay by night bus you will be picked up and brought to the resort. Teahouses are the center of Myanmar's society and commerce.

Here you can see all types of individuals, from businessmen and estate agents to college graduates and family members doing their day-to-day work or just relax and socialize. In the afternoon you will go to a "must see in Mandalay" Mahamuni Buddha Temple. Find out more about the handicrafts for which Mandalay is renowned by going to garages and the home industry.

From the top of Mandalay Hill, you' ll be able to see a panorama view of the town as the day goes down. Following your breakfasts at the motel, take a minibus to the renowned InLe reservoir, through the most scenic landscape and gentle hill country. From Taunggyi Street, Inle looks down onto the pond and is surrounded by a huge green rug.

Around the pond are the stilted houses and swimming yards of the Intha people. In the Intha style of paddling, where one foot is wound around the kayak to push the leaf through the waters in a serpentine movement, is one of a kind. Our Inle Lake Boat Trip Day Trip Day excursion allows you to enjoy a lifestyle that has been alive for centuries while you explore the cultural heritage of this area.

At 9am your travel leader will come to your accommodation to take you from your accommodation to Lake InLe. Upon your arriving you will receive a buoyancy aid and a comfortable fit for everyone on the vessel. The early in the day trip provides a beautiful landscape and the opportunity to see the everyday lives of the local people, who are mainly fishers and herdsmen.

Make good pictures of the Intha' s oars (people of Inlay), which are only in this part of the earth. Phaung Daw Oo, the four worshipped gold Buddha pictures from the Buddha Peak, which are taken around the pond in a gold-plated Hintha (the gold pontoon of Burma's legend) and tour all the area.

Visits to the Silver Smith Shops, silk weaving and lotus weaving; all specialities of Inle Lake. Afterwards you will get on an International Standard Express Coach and return to Yangon. The express car stops in the good and neat restaurant, for dinner and refreshments for 2x.

You' ll get to Yangon early in the mornings. Upon your arriving, you will be picked up and taken to a motel. For the remainder of the daily you have your own in Yangon. You' ll be taken to the airfield for your depart. Yangon - Mandalay (1), Mandalay - InLe Lake (2) and InLe Lake - Yangon (3).

Upgrades include airline tickets, airfield transfer with privately air-conditioned car and additional hotel accommodation as there are no nightly rides by bus.

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