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Reviews and photos from tours in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar on TripAdvisor. For more information - One Stop Travel & Private Day Tours Yangon (Rangoon). The MARCOPOLO Travel Agency offers Flora for all kinds of tours in and around Burma. Selected short and day tours from Yangon. See Yangon, Bagan, Bago and more.

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Explore Myanmar's most notable places on an 8-day personal trip that takes in the cultural, historical and natural heritage. Accompanied by a personal guides at each of your travel locations, you will experience the sun set at Shwedagon Pagoda, visit the old Bagan sanctuaries, visit the former regal capitol of Mandalay, cross Inle Lake and much more to make the most of your stay.

The 8-day Myanmar trip offers accommodation, breakfasts, personal transportation and admission and is the ideal way to get started in this stunning world.

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Get the best of Yangon with our suggested tailor-made travel options. Offering a personal, versatile and unparalleled travel adventure at affordable rates. Our Yangon and Yangon sightseeing trips are meticulously planned for Myanmar packaged and stand-alone trips to suit the needs of esteemed visitors from around the town.

Choose from our best Yangon routes as below or create your own route. Shwedagon Goldene Pagode is the first place to look for the most when you visit Yangon. This wonder of the world is entirely set in golden and adorned with thousand of precious stones, jewels and robin. Yangon's Shwedagon is the holiest of Myanmar's pagodas, with several hundred beautiful, gorgeous spires and fully-gilt.

Furthermore, the Golden Shwedagon in Yangon possesses four invaluable Buddhist treasures: Kakusandha's wand, Ko??gamana's fountain, a part of Kassapa's gown and eight wisps of Gautama's skull. You' ll be amazed by the splendour and sophistication of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Upon arrival at the holy Shwedagon Lagoon, another of the attractions in Yangon that you must visit is the Botataungagoda. At the side of the riverbank the silhouette was over 2. With the importance of a general in the army 500 years ago, this is the highest peak in Yangon.

Botataung, like other Myanmar couples, is perfect gilt with golden, while the coupe still retains an priceless Buddha treasury, Buddha's head. However, whenever you have a temple or shrine in Yangon, you must take off your boots or slippers outside and wear appropriate and serious clothing. In Myanmar, the Bogyoke Aung San shoppers' haven is not to be missed.

Located on Bo Gyoke Road, this was formerly known as Scott Mark, a relict of Britain's imperialist Yangon. Here you can admire not only the architectural design of the square, but also many nice hand-made memorabilia such as jewellery, rugs, painting, woodcarvings....of over 1.

It is easy to see men and girls in Yangon or anywhere in Myanmar who wear longyis and sneakers. The costumes of the local folk are old and new. It would be a remarkable trip in Yangon. Yangon Myanmar foods are varied and delectable. This is your first time in Yangon, don't miss Mohinga, known as Myanmar's home-cooked cuisine.

Kya Kway E (a good option for Yangon breakfast), Roti, Nangyi tohoke, Samosa salad, Koh Pieh, Koh Puo,....etc. Also, to find out these goodies, you better go to some regional stores, or you can easy capture the best outdoor food from many occasional trolleys that have been put up by road sellers.

Being one of the most visited places on the Yangon tours, every Chinatown in many parts of the globe is full of many interesting things. Inside Chinatown in Yangon you would be astonished and pleased that this is no less than a mini- china with tens of thousand of clothing stores, housewares, groceries.... Chinesestyle.

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