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Talk to our travel specialists to plan your tailor-made holiday in Myanmar. See all Myanmar travel - Spiritual Burma. the Southeast Asia Myanmar Bagan Temple. The majority of tours offer pick-up and return at the major hotels in the city centre. Asia;

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Burma may not have the same fame as some ordinary tourist places, but there is no shortage of surprising things to see and do. Burma is rugged, whether on the ground, in the sky or at sea: you can float over Bagan in a warm aeroplane, watch swimming yards and fisherman on the waters or just enjoy the gold temple and outdoor cuisine.

If you are travelling to Myanmar, all your experience has only one thing in common: you are unlike anything you can see anywhere in the game. There''s no better place than Bagan than to see the splendour of Myanmar's temple. Hovering in the sky is the only way to really absorb everything, and indeed the picture of a hot-air ballon hovering above the temple of Bagan has become one of the most lasting and icons of the Myanmar journey.

Usually the hot air balloons start around dawn, which means that you can see the lights creeping over the sky for long periods as you look out over the temple and be back at your hotels in good season for breakfasts. Ayeyarwady is also known as the Irrawaddy Riviera, the longest in Myanmar and its main trade route.

Beyond its logistic significance, the flow is of course interwoven with the regional culture legacy, and its cycle has found its way into many of Myanmar's sacred practice. A relaxed and educational trip on this riverbank offers the opportunity not only to see some of the most stunning views in the land, but also to experience what makes this stretch of land so special among all the Myanmar canals.

Inle Lake in Myanmar is unlike anything you've ever known. If you want a more energetic Myanmar trip, go to Mandalay and get on a bike. Mandalay, a riverbank scenery encircled by mountains and paddies, was immortalised in the poems of Rudyard Kipling, who once wrote: "I have a prettier, cuter girl in a clean, more green area!

By the time the days are almost over and the rising star makes its way over the skyline, the Yangon markets, formerly known as Rangoon, are just beginning to awaken. Yangon's Yangon Nightshow is one of the country's most memorable events, an occasion to taste the goods of the local people and experience the bustling city first-hand.

When you think that the joke doesn't have to go away when the Sun does, look no further than Yangon, Myanmar. Passports must be issued at least one calendar year after the end of the journey for US nationals and Canadians to travel to and from the United States.

Be sure that the name on your pass is the same as all your passports. Massachusetts and U.S. nationals require visas to visit Myanmar and must be organized prior to their trip. For Canadians and US nationals, you can request an e-visa at mm/ or through the Myanmar Consulate.

There are no departures between Myanmar and the West due to global penalties against the Myanmar authorities, most travellers will fly via Bangkok or Singapore. Cancellation and health insurance is strongly advised as it can cover the cost of health care cases in the UK, loss or delay of luggage and cancellation or suspension of your journey.

There are currently no vaccination requirements for entry into Myanmar, although it is strongly encouraged to immunize against malaria when you visit the countryside. We recommend that you contact a travelling physician 4-6 wks before your trip to find out about the immunizations below: Others suggested articles: Myanmar has three different seasonal patterns with a tropic moon climate: warm (March - May), wet (June - October) and cold (November - February).

While the best holiday period is the coldest, the wet seasons are not regarded as a source of deterrence, as there is not much rainfall in Bagan or Mandalay. Lightweight, waterproof clothing is advisable all year round. Photographing is not permitted in certain sacred places, especially sanctuaries. It' important that you have enough money in Myanmar to support you during your journey, as there are not enough ATM machines and your card is not all-pervasive.

It is recommended that you take crunchy, clear $50 and $100 U.S. banknotes (no traces or cracks, 2006 streak or later) for conversion into your home country's currencies. Travellers cheques are not acceptable. Kyat (MMK) is the offical money in Myanmar. Visas and MasterCard are increasingly popular in major tourism stores and dining establishments.

There are many of our properties that will not be able to change US$, but your tour leader can take you to a local money transfer service. Invoices with small cracks or stains cannot be returned to Myanmar.

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