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You can win Myanmar Travel and Tours. Burma shows how important it is to fly the flag of the base. AMBING Myanmar Travel Styles collect trips from a pen, so you can spend less time searching and more time dreaming where you will go next.

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We' re going to Myanmar this November. and Nice Asia Travels & Tours. It' new to me for this itinerary. I was enjoying the service both for work and free time for 2 time. Everyone knows this tour operator "Yangon Tours Travels & Tours Co.

You answer my e-mail quickly and rate fair touring costs, but need help determining this agent;s reliability. After 10 overnight stays in Myanmar, we went back to the UK on 1 December. One in Yangon, 3 Kyaing Tone, 3 Inle Sea, 1 Mt Popa & 2 in Bagan. My highlights were the times with the Hill Tribes around Kyaing Tone and our times at Inle Lake.

I' ve organized the journey with Tamarind Travel, the owners Cho Cho Cho Cho is living in Yangon and she and her crew have done a first time work. When I booked, I transferred the down payment to Bangkok and the rest 4 week before the beginning of the group. I' ve just traveled to Myanmar and used Myanmar Voyages.

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The 9-day voyage through Imperial Myanmar mirrors Burma's wealthy past through ages of broken rule, fame and evolution. Situated in the centre of Mandalay and old Bagan, the voyage is reminiscent of the spirits of the various empires that made up the famous..... Boasting a wealth of historical and cultural diversity, a visit to Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos is an astonishing one.

The Golden Shwedagon Pagoda, from the first glimpse to the stunning views of the Bagan sunsets, from the biggest church in..... It is a spectacle and memorable local trip that crosses 3 different lands and takes you through the majestic Mekong in all its splendour. Begin with the colorful charms of Vietnam's capitol Hanoi, we move south to explore the whole of Vietnam and its past.....

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We' re a retailer: we know the language of the region, the nature of the initial stages of the tourism sector and how to handle complex and difficult work. Respecting and protecting your trade name: your company name and your company name will appear on the welcome page, we will welcome and resolve the issue on your name.

There is never a hassle with providing our calling cards or our contacts. Burma Travel Agencies We provide two kinds of travel arrangements for clients. Some of Myanmar's best attractions are included in a single trip but we will adapt them all in many visit assignments, different services and/or additional activity settings.

On the other hand, it is a personal trip with our proposals for the best places to go, but with the wishes of your customers, which are different from the classical one. Burma is a new target for large ocean liners to discover the land. This enables us to offer a high level of attentiveness and service and to know how to deal with this problem: and much more.......

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or arrange a personal meeting in our offices. Write us a note here or send us an e-mail at[email protected] We will get in touch with you within a maximum of 24h.

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