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View reviews and photos of tours in Myanmar on TripAdvisor. You can win Myanmar Travel and Tours. Burma shows how important it is to fly the flag of the base. AMBING Myanmar Travel Styles collect trips from a pen so you can spend less time searching and more time dreaming where you will go next.

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Myanmar Exotic Tours & Travels - Legit? Hello, I wanted to make a reservation with Exotic. I' ve been hearing about them on The Man In Seat 61 website, so I sent them an email to get a railpass. After paying Exotic a small amount of US dollars on-line for the rail tickets, we began the correspondence regarding the collection of my tickets.

In Myanmar, rail passes are still available as printed passes at the Myanmar railway station desk and can only be pre-ordered the previous morning (at least in some cases). Had Exotic got the bus pass for me, I would have to collect it the next morning in the town from where the trains depart.

But I couldn't, because I wouldn't arrive in town until later in the evening, and the next day the trains left very early. So I e-mailed Exotic asking them to stop the transaction and asked for a reimbursement - I wasn't serious about reclaiming my small amount of US dollars, I just wanted to see what they would say.

I received an email from Exotic saying I could ask for a reimbursement in Yangon. So I e-mailed them and said they could give the funds to a charitable organization, which they did, and they even sent me a bill to show it. So I never had the opportunity to use their service, but I would try if I returned to Myanmar.

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The majority of those who are visiting Myanmar today are agreed that the feeling of another secularity remains with them long after their journey. Mystic Myanmar, the smile of the meekness of the humans, the gold cupolas of the Pagoda as a monk shuffling in silence, clothed in plain earth-coloured attire. Drive smoothly into the centre of a little-known country, where couples and old castles line a powerful stream that has remained unspoilt over the years.

There are many around the globe who refuse to visit Myanmar because of the government's politics and histories. You are employing locals and leaders directly, so it is not necessary to make reservations through a federal authority. Today, the tourist industry is employing some 300,000 Myanmar citizens, without any spin-offs from companies such as TRISHAV driver, restaurant and craftsmen, who also benefit from more trips.

It is, I admit, not possible to pay a call without some funding going to the authorities. In the opinion of our travel company, the advantages of these claims far exceed the low revenues that the administration is receiving and supporting travel to Myanmar. There are three different times of the year in Myanmar. In the wet period many dawns are clear and light, while the countryside is verdant and luxuriant.

When I got there, I was so happy that I chose to leave, because I realized that I could supply work and much needed currency for the population there. At Mandalay you should go to the Royal Palace, which is encircled by a ditch. But probably my favorite Myanmar adventure was a Tossoup.

Carrying US Dollar money and you will be surprised how far it will take you and what you can buy in relation to crafts, some of the weaving mills are particularly good. Gemstones are an exquisite shopping destination in Myanmar. Myanmar is the place to go if you are looking for an adventure that will astonish you for the right reason.

Well, OK, imaginative enough for Rudyard Kipling, but he was right - not only about Shwedagon, the gold Yangon coupe, but he describes Myanmar itself. Burma will stay with you long after you leave. It is important to remember that even during the wet seasons, many dusk is clear and light, while the countryside is verdant and luxuriant.

Despite the constant rush of the contemporary civilization, Myanmar's life styles and cultural life have remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. There are many rites unparalleled for these soft, faithful individuals, and Shin Pyu is one that allows a little kid to live a monastical life, even if only for a short time.

As with most Asiatic civilizations, celebrations are an important part of Myanmar's day. Thadingyut, at the end of the rain period, looks homes and roads brightly lit with thousand of candles and it is a period of tribute to your teacher and ancients.

Note *Please note that health information is always changing and you should always review these details when making your reservation and before traveling. Myanmar has been hiding from the outside world and is still an unspoiled haven. This small group trip (maximum 10 guests) you will see.....

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