Myanmar Tours 2017

2017 Myanmar Travel

The nostalgic beauty of the temples, streets and the feeling of tranquility are what interest tourists most about tourism in Myanmar. Marvel at Myanmar with our range of tours in 2018, covering all major places from the capital Yangon to the temple-lined plains of Bagan. I love intrepid comfort tours, please offer more of them. Which nationalities need a visa for Myanmar tours? Travel to the land of the Golden Pagodas on a 12-day adventure in Myanmar (Burma).

Why a Myanmar Tour in 2017

It is the nostalgia of the temple, the roads and the sense of tranquillity that interest the tourist most in this area. Though Myanmar has begun to receive tourist arrivals in recent years, the focus has not been on the tourist sector. Myanmar is also chosen by many of the most famous tourist journals as a tourist attraction that is not to be missed by many.

It' one of the most spectacular sunsets in the whole of Myanmar. Bagan, one of the most visited travel spots in Myanmar, will also be an excellent country for you to see the first signs of the day. The daybreak of Bagan is like a fairytale country with centuries of old and mystical casket.

There is no question that Bagan is one of the largest archaeological places on the planet, with a huge collection of Buddhist shrines that have been constructed by pagan monarchs over the years. Myanmar still has 2,220 Myanmar sanctuaries (out of about 13,000 during the summit), so you are free to explore them.

They are very near each other, so you can go hiking, cycling and traveling by coach, touk touc or hotfoil. When you come to Myanmar, you will not miss a type of cosmetic treatment using thanaka, which is a combination of nature and herbs. One of Myanmar's most famous travel destination, Lake Inle is known for its single handed fishery techniques.

Though Myanmar's tourist industry has developed more and more recently, this place keeps its pristine unspoilt scenery. Walk to Inle Lake, you will feel like you live in the swimming cottages by the lake, an excellent place for you to enjoy the beautiful green. When you travel to Myanmar, there is nothing funnier than to relax on the enchanting Bengal Bay beach, especially Ngapali Beach, 45 mins from Yangon.

While Myanmar cooking is strongly affected by many nations such as India, China, Thailand and many minority groups, it still has its own particularities. The Myanmar kitchen is not only tasty, but also demanding in workmanship and very inexpensive. When you have the chance to see Yangon or Bagan, let us savour some of the best food on the road, such as flatbread and flatbread, Nangyi tokens, shan pasta and curried rices.

Not far from Bagan and only 30 min by airplane, you reach Mandalay. The Mandalay is home to many of Myanmar's high-profile tourism destinations, including the tranquil Irrawaddy River, old castles and other heritage sites. Mandalay's mystical and antique ambience is complemented by contemporary colours that make this town more appealing.

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