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2016 Myanmar Travel

For 2016 we have created two back-to-back tours. Myanmar tour prices have never been so low! June 7, 2016, 6:42 a.m. Burma Tours 12 days, your guided tour awaits you for your next dream holiday!

This tour is not available to Myanmar at this time.

Myanmar's tourist destination 2015- 2016

United Htay Aung, Union Minister for Hotels and Tourism, said at the news briefing that Myanmar still has the destination of 5 million tourist and meets the ministry's schedule. Myanmar's tourist industry is likely to draw a large number of people in the near future. Myanmar greeted 4.7 million at the end of December and we expect 5 million by the end of March next year.

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism predicts that this number will rise to 7.5 million by 2020. "Myanmar's travel industry will continue to develop as traffic improves," he said. Burma has many touristic places, but they need better transport. Myanmar, in a number of places, in complement to its rich natural heritage, is making new strides to expand the country's touristic and grassroots infrastructures.

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Myanmar has a main Internet provider. If you have made a request to the main Internet provider, we think that your request and your e-mail will be sent to all its customers. Any company under his services will provide you with an offer and a suggestion for your requested post.

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In the meantime, Mrs. Diu, we are back in Switzerland and would like to thank you for organizing our journey. Everything worked well and we were very much struck by the organization of the whole journey and really loved it. They were all competent and amusing, and the riders very dependable, and the places we have really interesting and nice.

Also the balloon ride over Bagan we liked very much. Our only disadvantage was that we got ill in Vietnam just before our journey to Myanmar, apparently because we had eaten something wrong, so we couldn't eat the meals in Myanmar and the hotel the way we wanted.

If we should choose to come back to learn more about Myanmar, we would definitely do so! Sincerely, hello Em Diu, I just got back from Myanmar. Thanks for organizing such a great trip. We' had a great one. They were fantastic coaches, especially Thet at Inle and Shie Lu in Yangon.

Dear Ms. Diu, we are back from our trips and would like to thank you for organizing our trip in Myanmar. Burma is a wonderful place and the trips you organized gave us a great chance to see a piece of it. Despite the delays due to our new regular KL to Yangon service, your agent, Thiri Thaw, was at Yangon International with our Yangon leader to see us.

Myanmar's land personnel were very effective and kind. They were always on schedule, well briefed and able to respond to all our queries. All of the guided trips every day were exactly what we had been hoping for. We' d like to praise our coaches very much: This is Hsan Winn in Yangon, Win Zaw Latt in Bagan, Mabel in Mandalay and Phoe Lone in Kalaw and Inle Lake.

Each of our guide was very competent and showed a great affection for their land, we could not have wished for better coaches. Inle Lake was outclassed. Forward a copy of this e-mail to Ms. Thiri Thaw at your Yangon offices. Thank you again for having arranged a very succesful trip for us.

Thanks for the great organization and guidance of our journey through Myanmar. I was very lucky with the wheather and had great leaders during the whole journey. Sadly the wheather was not good enough for our balloon mornings in Bagan, but that was not surprising for us. When we got our money back at the end of our journey to Yangon.

Puppetry in Bagan was great, although the supper was not as good as the remaining meal we had in Bagan. On our trips to Myanmar we learned much more about Buddha's ways and convictions. Sri Lanka and Goa will be our next journey to the East.

We will remember this journey for a long while. I' m sure you have a great way of giving us some of the information about your state. I had a marvelous and interesting stay in Myanmar. I' d like to congratulate especially Mya Win (Robin), our tour leader in Yangon. We' ll never forgive him and thank you for letting him join our group.

We' been hit by Mien in Bagan, and I'd say similar things about him. Him and his chauffeur made our stay in Bagan a very unique one. We' had a beautiful journey. Leaders and riders were always happy and smiling. Goodbye. We were always on schedule and made our vacation a very enjoyable and interesting one.

I' ve been hearing the same thing from my folks who came back from Myanmar last night. Many thanks for your help and the preparation of this journey. We would like to let you know how much we enjoy our vacation in Myanmar and thank you for your help with the organization.

It was a great experience and we were enjoying the land, the local population and the sights. Particularly impressive were the Win Unity Hotel in Monywa and the Myanmar Treasure Resort on Inle Lake. A particular thanks also goes to the travel leaders and riders.

Particular praise goes to Mr Tin (tour guide) and the rider in Bagan, Mr Han (tour guide) and Mr Tiehan (rider) in Yangon and Mr Nyinyi (tour guide) at Inle Lake. It' been such a joy to have met them and to be on the road with them, so please don't wait to use them for other holidaymakers in Myanmar.

Another question: We are considering a journey to the Philippines for our next vacation in September 2017. Can you also help to organise this itinerary? Hi, I just wanted to let you know how great the journey was, we love everything and our leaders and riders were awesome.

In addition to our Myanmar trip we have also seen Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Tokyo. I' d like to take this chance to give you a little bit of your opinion on how we found the trip offered by your group. First, we like personalized trips because they give you maximal flexibility to customize each and every one of your days.

Second, all the leaders you have are magnificent, someone in your organisation is doing a very good job of choosing the right ones to be your leaders. It was a good trip, we think we got a really good feeling for the local population and the local cultures.

On a personal level, I don't like getting up at 5 a.m. when I'm on holiday just to get to the airfield on schedule. Most of the times the places we have flown to during the trip had more than one trip per night, so why not choose a later one to make the days more enjoyed.

Another unfortunate circumstance was to leave the Amata on Lake Inle, the one hours cruise at 6 o'clock in the morning would have been much more pleasant at a later age. The other rooms were very good, the Bagan Thande and the Amata were our favorites. Thank you for the marvellous times we have spent in your lovely land and I trust that these remarks will be useful to you.

Everyone on your staff I came into touch with was first class, highly qualified, punctual, polite, kind and supportive. Aloha, Dear Mr. Diu, I would like to commend the Myanmar tours in Nov. 2015. I' d also like to thank you for your help in making this very beautiful itinerary.

Aung Min, our travel leader, pleased us very much. Mandalay and Lake Inle were also a good trip, but we don't get it all because the accent of the Englishspeaking language of this book was not satisfactory. You may find someone else for these trips.

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