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2016 Myanmar Travel

Enhance your trip to Myanmar by hiring a private Myanmar guide to explain Burmese culture, politics and customs. Break from the hectic pace of everyday life and spend a few days in Myanmar's four main destinations and immerse yourself in their tranquil surroundings. We have created two back-to-back tours for 2016. Burma/Myanmar tour prices have never been so low! At-Tol Protected Telegraph Travel Awards Best Tour Operator Winner 2016.

Tours in Myanmar with personal guide

Once you have made the choice to go to Myanmar, get prepared for a hearty welcome from its people; soft, humorous and inquisitive, the people of Burma will help you make your journey to this charming and restless land the experience of a life time. The first time you come to Yangon, rent a personal Myanmar tour leader to introduce you to Burma's cultural, political and cultural traditions, which will greatly enhance your journey.

Yangon, or Rangoon as it was once called, is the gate to Myanmar for most travellers. You will be accompanied by your travel agent to make your personal Myanmar trip an experience to remember in this intriguing and diverse state. Yangon, Myanmar: Mandalay, Myanmar: Yangon, Myanmar Tour: If you know a Myanmar policy, please submit a bug/fault!

19 - 21 November Yangon

There' s a well-known quotation by Rudyard Ki-pling about the land from 1898. In the last 7 years I have made more than a decade of travel to Myanmar, often with my relatives or my boyfriends, to divide this magic place that I keep comeback to. It is a place with hot folks, breathtaking vistas and a million little tales just wait to be listened to.... and the story.

During these years I have witnessed many changes in the land.... changes that I have documented as part of my Myanmar Lifeject. Until recently, the reigning army rule kept the land away from the outside for decades. and now it's a good moment to see for yourself.

Watch Yangon come to live on the commuter trains around this busy town. It'?s not a common trip. Instead, we pair the best of a small group trip (we have a max of 8 ) with the mind and thrill of an independant trip. We will immerse ourselves in the cultural environment, with leaders and contact persons who will lead us to the hidden places that are unfamiliar to most people.

You will instead be able to get a feeling for the land, both with our guide and with the agility and liberty to explore on your own. So join my souvenir guide staff and I take you on an memorable trip to the Golden Land..... After that we will be meeting an Activist and former prisoners of conscience to learn of the victims many have brought to ensure the path to democratization for the Myanmar population.

Featuring hills on both sides that form the backdrop of our trip, we will see the beautiful scenery of the sea in many different ways: from the 5-day daily markets that move from town to town, to a canoeing trip with the famous Intha folk who stand on one foot (you have to see it to believe it).

We participate in rural-fresh dishes and tasty regional dishes. Embedded in the chilly Shan Mountains, the top of Kalaw will be a beautiful diversion after our stay in Yangon. We visit the village fair, take a walk in the surrounding mountains and try the Shan-kitchen.

The place is so loved by our group that we have prolonged it by one additional days. We will be visiting and supporting socially disadvantaged companies and seeing what they are doing to advance Myanmar, especially for the most needy. Oh, and you can wager that we will be enjoying a lot of my favourite Myanmar Ma Gi Bi Lay (Tamarind Flakes) which is something very out there.

Eventually we go to the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of Myanmar's most popular sights. You will have the opportunity to do whatever you want, be it at the last moment on the renowned Bogyoke Market, during a walk through Inya Lake or during a last trip to the teashop for a cute" Paphet Yeh" (sweet tea).

Travelling in Myanmar can be great if you have the agility and endurance, but deciphering the beauty of this country's puzzles will take a while.... that most simply don't have to decipher its clues. Years.... that's when I get under the flesh here to find out what's going on.

I' d like you to see the Myanmar I know and I' m in a passion. We will do this by learning a little from the locals, perhaps putting on a long bag of clothes we carry around the city while wandering (seriously comfortably), and listening to the Myanmar people's own tales of the area.

I have been taking pictures all over the globe for 8 years and in Myanmar for 6 years. I have been working in Myanmar and my work has been published in printed media, art galeries and all over the globe. It is not a one-of-a-kind photographic journey, but whether you are a professional or not, I am sure you will come home with some of the best photographs of a journey you have ever taken.

Locally, locally, locally, locally. We will eat in locals who prepare tasty, refreshing meals and help community businesses make a permanent impression. We will meet the locals, and when you get out of the land, you will not only have "seen", but you will comprehend what makes this place so astonishing.

Oh, I just like dinner. Guides and writers have been lamenting Myanmar's cooking for years. And I am sure you will... and we will delve deeply into the local cuisines of the different ethnical groups like Shan, Intha, Palong, Bamar and Mon, which include some homemade dishes and dishes from the farmyard to the dinner tables.

I have been repeatedly asked by our visitors to promote this as a meal ticket and I am sure you will accept that it is really that good. We know how to properly design Myanmar. Travelling in Myanmar can be strenuous, and I'm a big admirer of more free hours in fewer places.

Instead of trying to hit each of the cities or towns, we will instead spend more of our spare hours in a few really notable places. It will allow us to go further into each place and not sit all the way in a coach or an airplane going from place to place. It couldn't be more proud of my own staff of certified tour guide services from all over the world.

Aye knows Myanmar's tradition so well because the whole region is home to the people. It' to tell your chief that you are going on a trip to the Golden Land in November..... All accommodations in Myanmar for the length of the trip (13 nights).

Myanmar Guide and me and my Myanmar Guide staff will take care of you personally. Help with applying for a Myanmar Tourism Visas (it is quite simple). All the hints for all our riders, guidebooks, pensions, etc. And of course all the unscheduled fascination you can get when you visit the Golden Land with an experienced professional and professional who has travelled the land more than a doze years.

It is not inclusive and compulsory. Whether it' s fresh pressed juices, Myanmar beers or a Myanmar wine.... it's up to you. If you are arriving on a different date than at the beginning of the trip and are not staying in our guest house, you have to take the way from the Aiport.

You will be in charge of getting the extra tourist visa you need - but of course we will help you if you need it (it's easy). For those who want to come earlier or spend more time in Myanmar, we are ready to help with some of our suggestions and projects.

Travelling can be unforeseeable. You will always be refunded 100% in the unlikely case that the journey is canceled by us, unless the cancelation is due to an Act of God - something beyond our reasonable discretion (e.g. a catastrophe). Cancellations made within 60 nights prior to the beginning of the cruise will cause you to forfeit 100% of your tickets (this is due to the difficulty of getting a substitute at the last minute).

Cancellations made between 60 and 90 nights before the beginning of the trip will result in a 50% loss of your tickets. Is Myanmar safe? You will see the signs "Welcome and assistance of tourists", just like on my first arrival in Myanmar. Back then, I thought it would be hysterical.

There' are few places in the whole wide globe where I am more at ease with my cameras by my side at nights than in this state. Myanmar's inhabitants are beautiful individuals who like to have an evening cup of teas and talk to you on the street. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about our work.

Is it ethically justifiable to go to Myanmar now? Are Myanmar trips to be blacklisted? In view of the Rohingya in the west of the countrys countryside, I think this is a good point. From a historical point of view, the only thing they have shown is that they are damaging the lives of those who earn their livelihoods through the tourist industry and further isolating a nation and its inhabitants.

It is my task to help the communities and companies on the ground. Un-Tour to Myanmar specifically assists travel agents and marginalised groups as well as socially-minded companies that do the same. If attentive and conscientious visitors choose not to come to Myanmar, it is the same natives who are losing, and they are the best hopes that the land must bring about transformation.

The punishment of the many outstanding and noteworthy beneficiaries of the tourist industry does not help them or their countries to do better. Is this an adventurous trip or a photographic one? Even though I am a freelance fotographer, this is not a usual photographic trip where we just go and take pictures.

There' will be many occasions to take pictures of the magical world of this land, and I happen to know the best places to help you do so. Simply copy this piece of hard copy and take it with you when you arrive in Yangon.

I' m travelling most of the way alone so I know what you mean. We skip the shadowy state accommodations to spend the night in private and familial properties. They are places where I have lived many years in the past and where I have been in good hands and where beautiful men are leading and occupying me.

This means this is Myanmar, where blackouts are still the norm and the solar radiation on the rooftop heats up the hot tub, and this could mean that your iPad is not fully charged every day. On these iPods (and all these technologies): While we will have WiFi in most places where we put our minds at nights, it is important to know that Myanmar is a ten (or two) year behind us when it comes to accessing the web.

Is there going to be free work? Whilst we have scheduled a lot of activity for many nights, I have spent a lot of "free time" directly on our route so that you can discover on your own when you are soaked. That is Shirley (with ancestral Myanmar Longyi) on the so-called "Journey of Life" to Myanmar when I took her for a test drive.

Is that Yangon Life?

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