Myanmar Tours 2016

2016 Myanmar Travel

The Irrawaddy River Boat Avalon Myanmar? is an Irrawaddy River boat with 36 guests for an intimate experience of the locals and their culture. Discover the cultural side of Myanmar! 26 July 2016 / 1822 View. Burma Travels and Tours is the best choice for your Myanmar trips!

Viet Nam Duration - 4 days - 3 nights Date - 7 September 2016 to 10.

What agencies for a trip to Myanmar + Thailand + Laos - Myanmar Message Board

For the first while I was in Vietnam & Cambodia, a journey I had in mind. However, this year I don't have much free space to organise my trips, so I would like to have an agent plan for us. To go on a Myanmar cruise, just log as a "Myanmar tour" and you will find some serious travel agent who will help you manage your journey without any sweating.

I suspect you have been excessively imbued with excessive extra vagant travels you doubtless reviewed cue it in your threads. There are many families in the area who can provide the best value for your holidays. We have used Selective Asia for 3 journeys so far and were very much inspired and look forward to our journey to Myanmar in a few day with them.

Myanmar Exotic Tours & Travels - Legit? - Yamamam Message Board

Myanmar Exotic Tours & Travels - Legit? Hello, I wanted to make a reservation with Exotic. I' ve been hearing about them on The Man In Seat 61 website, so I sent them an email to get a railpass. Had Exotic got the tickets for me, I would have to collect them the next morning in the town from where the trains depart.

But I couldn't, because I wouldn't arrive in town until later in the evening, and the next day the trains left very early. So I e-mailed Exotic asking them to stop the transaction and asked for a reimbursement - I wasn't serious about reclaiming my small amount of US dollars, I just wanted to see what they would say.

So I never had the opportunity to use their service, but I would try if I returned to Myanmar.

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