Myanmar Tourist Visa on Arrival for Indian

Burma tourist visa on arrival for Indians

You can buy it at Yangon International Airport, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw. Non-tourism visitors, including unpaid work, require a visa or work permit except for Nepal and Bhutan. The passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in India. We are professional in relation to any kind of Indian visa. A scanned copy of Myanmar's passport.

What is the best way to get a Myanmar Tourism Visas in India? - Cairo Message Board

Hello everyone, I just want to exchange my experiences with obtaining a Myanmar tourism visas in India (as it was not so simple to get information about, especially for a non-Hindi speaker)! There were 2 of us: a Frenchman and an Indo. We' d heared about a touristic permit on our way here, but we had some doubt.....

As we both stayed in southern India, we were afraid to go to Delhi..... But it was not so simple to find a trustworthy one, and the services were costly. Visas were issued by the Swiss Federal Foreign Office in no more than 2 working day and your passport was sent home to you!

amu: tamu: Indians can now travel to Myanmar without visas.

Thought that Indians could only come to two neighboring lands without visas or passports; they are both Nepal and Bhutan. I was deceived by my sojourn in Manipur. Burma is another neighbor that allows Indians to travel without a visas. However, you can only drive to Tamu, a frontier settlement in Myanmar.

Outside Tamu you need a legal entry permit. However, I think a full outing to Tamu could give you an insight into Myanmar. I felt this when I visited Tamu in early 2015. Now, Indians can go to Myanmar without a visas to know how to travel across the Indian/Myanmar frontier from Moreh.

They can also see the video I made during the trip that explains the entire registration proces. A number of Indians and Myanmarians routinely crossing the Moreh Tamu line to make their living and forage. You will reach Moreh, the frontier city. It' a 3-hour ride from Imphal to Moreh.

There' s two doors to crossing the line. No. 1 (also called iron bridge) is only intended for persons with a current entry permit and "special permit" to enter the country. Tourist going beyond Tamu use this door. If you plan to go to Mandalay or Yangon, then this is the gateway for you.

Door No. 2 (also known as'India-Myanmar Friendship Gate') is only for Indians and Myrmenes. The people of both nations are free to go to the closest city on the other side of the frontier. Myanmar is the only place Moreh in Manipur is for Myanmar, while Tamu in Myanmar is for Indians. The authorisation is valid for one whole year only.

All Indians need to do is hand in their voter ID or their Aadhar map to Burma's frontier migration services. You' ll need to return this pass when you return to India, only then will your documentation be given back to you. of video to get a full picture of what you can do in Tamu, Myanmar.

Is a Myanmar Visas required for Indians? Yes, Indians also need a visitor's permit to travel to Myanmar. However, Indians can travel across the Myanmar frontier to Tamu without a visas. How to get a Myanmar in India? Native Americans can apply for a Myanmar Visas at the Embassy of Myanmar. The address of the Embassy of Myanmar in Delhi is 3/50F, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

Web site of the Myanmar Mission How much are the Myanmar Fee? Myanmar's tourist visas in India cost 2,800 rupees. It' expires 28 day, but only once. What documentation is needed to obtain Myanmar's visas?

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