Myanmar Tourist Visa on Arrival 2016

Burma Tourist Visa upon arrival 2016

You may not enter the restricted areas without prior authorisation. There are three strict requirements for obtaining a visa upon arrival: Do you have a passport valid for at least 6 months? they have sufficient resources for the duration of their stay in Myanmar, and. confirmed further/return ticket(s). Immigration, exit and visa regulations.

The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population " The conditions required for VISA ON ARRIVAL

Do you have a current pass that does not expire at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Myanmar? You must provide a copy of the trade registration/license/license form that has been provided by the relevant ministry along with the request when working in Myanmar. State the name of the plant, the site, the sponsor and his or her job when working with a commercial visa.

Request the renewal of the visa on the advice of the relevant ministry and according to the current procedure if he is dealing with a commercial visa. Issue letters of invitations from the relevant government departments when participating in sessions, workplaces, events as well as festivities. They may not carry out work with or without fees, with the exception of the occupations listed in the visa foreseen.

Show your flight to your final point when you apply for a visa. Get a visa free of cost for minors under the age of seven who accompany their passports; you can provide proof of parent-child relationships if the child is in possession of a special-pass. Contact the Immigration and National Registration Department in Myanmar and provide the addresses of legal accommodation, lodgings, hotels, guesthouses, factory and workshop facilities.

Adhere to the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Team's decisions.

Which kind of visa can I request on-line?

Which kind of visa can I request on-line? They can only obtain tourist and business visas with eVisa. For a tourist visa, a 24 hours tourist visa express service is available for quicker handling. When I have more than one pass, can I request the visa with the information from the first pass and then use the second pass?

Travellers can access Myanmar with the eVisa-certificate. Are there any restrictions on the issuance of a business visa invitation? If I am travelling with a group trip, can I use eVisa to send in my application? You can also request group travel with eVisa on-line. Single persons must submit and purchase separate applications.

Is it possible to have my visa printed in black and white? I' m late and my e-visa has run out. Is it possible to modify the expiry date of my e-visa? There is no way we can modify the expiry date of your e-visa. It is recommended that you request a new visa. I' m planning to go from Myanmar to another land and back to Myanmar.

Will I have to request two visa applications within such a brief timeframe? Yes, you must request two eVisas. Every eVisa is unique to a particular record. I' m planning to go to Myanmar three month later, can I send my application now? Allowable visa is 90-day.

Can I request a tourist visa at a Myanmar embassy or consulate if my eVisa request is rejected? Your visa can be applied for at an embassy or consulate in Myanmar or try again with eVisa. The guidelines for examining and approving visa requests are, however, the same in all messages and on-line applicants.

As I know, people with passports from 100 different nationalities are entitled to obtain an eVisa for a tourist visa. What is the procedure for entering and leaving Myanmar with eVisa? You can use eVisa to travel to any of the following locations: You can leave Myanmar using one of the above international airports, international land border checkpoints and the Htikee land border checkpoint.

Is there a visa upon arrival, and Myanmar embassies and consulates still issuing visas, even if eVisa is there? Yes, you can obtain a visa with eVisa or you can still get one at a Myanmar embassy or consulate near you. The visa is only valid for business visas and must be accompanied by the appropriate documents, otherwise you may be refused admission.

Whom can I turn to to ask about eVisa? Is it possible to go to any embassy in Myanmar to verify the state of my eVisa? As soon as your eVisa request is accepted, a letter of approval will be sent directly to the email from you. Do I get my visa by regular postal service or do I pick it up at the Myanmar checkout?

We will issue your visa and stamp it in your identity card after you have submitted your copy of the eVisa approval letter. If your eVisa request is accepted, the letter of approval will be sent directly to the email addresses you provide. Where do I get my eVisa approval letter? .

Notice that the downlaod is only available if your resume has already been accepted. Will I need to have the letter of approval printed or can I submit an e-mail or photograph to the immigration official? Currently, you will need to have the eVisa approval letter printed out and presented to the Immigration Commissioner on arrival.

What is the number of specimens of the letter of approval I need to have printed? For how many nights can I remain in Myanmar on a visa with eVisa? You can remain 28 day for a tourist visa and 70 day for a business visa. What is the time it takes to get my approval letter?

First you will get a confirmation of registration. It takes up to 3 working day for regular business and tourist visas and 24 hour for the Tourist Visa Express Service (365 working day a year). At any rate, the process begins with the sending of the confirmation email after the request has been made AND the on-line payments have been made.

Can I find out the reason for rejecting an asylum seeker's asylum applications? Normal business and tourist visas are processed within 3 working day, except for Myanmar Weekend and Holiday. The Tourist Visa Express Service will process your request within 24h 365 day a year. We only accept on-line payments. Will I get a reimbursement if my request is denied?

In no event will any refund be made as specified in our General Conditions. Will I have to wait in line at the Visa on Arrival office if I come to Myanmar on eVisa? eVisa is not a visa on arrival, so there is no need to apply for a visa stamp. Go directly to the check-in desks when you get there.

I' ve finished my registration and my money, but there is no e-mail confirmations, what should I do? How big is the immigration stamps on the eVisa passports? For how long is the authorization notice effective? The authorization notice is effective 90 day from the date of issuance. To ensure your payments are made securely on line, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to protect your personal information.

e ) Your Prepaid Cards are not approved for payment by your issuing bank either on-line or abroad. I' ve already requested a tourist visa via the eVisa-System. May I convert it into a business or social visa? No, visas cannot be modified to other visa categories such as Business and Social. Must under 7s who have their own passport have a seperate eVisa-entry?

If you are under 7 years of age and possess your own eVisa, you must obtain and use it. When your infant is under 7 years of age, and is mentioned in the parents' or guardians' identity card, please fill in the small information contained in the eVisa request from you.

My data (full name/nationality/passport number/e-mail address) was erroneous. The applicant is liable for the accuracy of all information provided during the recruitment procedure. I' d like more information about Visa on Arrival. for more information about Visa on Arrival.

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